Asian Extravaganza 2011

March 25, 2011: APAMSA Asian Extravaganza!!! This was the BIGGEST night this year as a first year medical student. APAMSA stands for Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association, an organization designed to promote the Asian cultural experience. A few weeks ago, some of us attended NY/NJ APAMSA Regional Conference at Mt. Sinai, where their medical school worked to make a conference happen. At Stony Brook, we don’t party enough (or lack the access to Manhattan’s limitless nightlife), so we have a huge cultural bash of talents, music, and comedy.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I was not a natural-born performer. I’m nowhere near perfect at the violin, something I’ve been fiddling with from 3rd grade to high school. Then it hit me how much more talented other violinists at NYU were, so I didn’t belong there. I was never a dancer; no ballet, tap, or hip hop classes for me. Never, until first year in medical school. I performed previously for Evening of the Arts with Stepedius, Stony Brook’s own Step team of medical students. However, Asian Extravaganza was even bigger and better. With 2 dance numbers and a fashion show under my belt, I feel I have accomplished a milestone.

For months, I’ve been toggling between STEP and Bollywood dance practices. I didn’t need the gym for a solid 2 months, because 2-3 days of the week, 2 hours each day, I’d be dancing on opposite ends of the spectrum. The dances could not have been any more contrasting. The former’s all about energy and attitude; the latter is full of glamour, sass, and sexiness.

They were wonderful, stress-relieving workouts, a much-needed break from the muddy pace of medical school. Yes, I was cramming in study time and dancing the rest of the time (and eating, sleeping, eating…). The fruits of my hard work culminated on this one sweet night.

First up, STEPedius!  Yep, we danced in scrubs. I had the additional lucky layer of makeup on for a later performance. How classy =P

For this performance, we included a more upbeat choreography with a “Best of…” medley from Evening of the Arts. We jived to Outkast’s “B.O.B.” Boy were we hyped and energized for the exhilaratingly hilarious routine. We made a grand entrance, jumping and kicking into our formations. At the end, we dropped dead, but resuscitated like haunted spirits. To the music of “Apache,” we topped off the performance with some angry faces, hoe downs, pelvic thrusts, and more kicks.

Next up, Bollywood! I had to run and get changed in a finger-snap. Luckily, the other girls of the team helped me ‘undress’ and dress. I already had my makeup on, which I almost never wear except for special occasions and my future wedding. I felt like a porcelain doll, all brushed up and colored to perfection. When I was getting my makeup put on earlier, it felt like an assembly line. I moved from one specialized makeup station to another. I even said, “What the hell is a bronzer? What’s this white stuff that I need for a base?” When my friend was putting on eyeliner, I would not stop fluttering my eyes! The pen gets so close to the freaking eye, as if I’m getting my corneal reflex checked out! Kudos to girls with the patience to put on makeup everyday; ordinary girls like me stay simple.

Anyway, I got all glammed up like never before, minus the earrings because one of my ears closed up. Yes, I haven’t worn earrings in the longest time either because my ears are super sensitive. That is, I need to wear real gold or silver jewelery, or else I’ll get painful infections and toothpicks through my ears. I have a reason to bug my future husband for real diamond earrings and platinum silver ring from Tiffany’s =)

Bollywood 2011

There I stood, in a long Indian skirt with some jingles, blue ruffly scarf, hair pinned to the side, and face dolled up in Crayola. It was showtime!





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    • Awww thanks for reading! I’m running behind on posts currently, and need to keep my awesome readers entertained lol!!

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