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Central Perks

Last stop on Saturday: Central Park. Living in Manhattan for 4 years, I only made occasional trips to Central Park. I’ve been skating, hanging out at the park, and that’s about it… 4 trips tops. I never really walked around, mainly because I did not want to go that far uptown and pay for a measly subway ticket. But I walked around that Saturday, and it was relaxing. I love the outdoors, whether it’s the beach, the park, the backyard, or the backyard of the HSC at Stony Brook. I like walking the streets on a cool, sunny day. It’s exercise, but a productive one. I end up shopping or browsing clothing/shoe stores for the latest fashion deals. Here’s a storybook snapshot of my stroll through Central Park:

Horse rides

Seal sniffing its behind at the wildlife area

Budding Cherry Blossums

The Mall... It's like a Walk to Remember

Bubble Show

One of the nicer lakes


























One of the nicer lakes











Duckies' matey










I love dogs! There were so many pooches on the roam

Another happy little pup










A Spanish music video was being shot

This was the singer... he just sat by the lake and stared off ... I bet he was cold too.

A drowning fish

We had a cute little boy waddle around us... ADORABLE


Reflections on the water

A creek, and more dogs


Chow time at the Shake Shack

Shack Burger



Post Physiology Pig Out

It feels so good to be done with Physiology!!! A whole 2 months worth of heavy, constant studying… DONE, A FINI! I learned SO MUCH about the human body, everything was interesting, but I am finally FREEE. It feels strange now that I have absolutely NOTHING TO DO. I have kickstarted my 2 week vacation, sort of. This upcoming week is just Foundations, a class of Feelings and Learning To Be a Doctor. Next week, it’s “Ni Hao” China! THEN, I have to look forward to Hola INDIA! Woot, such a banging year for an MSI =) Thought I would have no life, but my life has just begun.

So what did I do post-physiology? First, I hit the gym. After a week of intense brain work-outs, I needed to balance it out with the rest of my body. I felt fat sitting on my butt all day, doing exams, drawing pictures of the nephron, making maps and pathways, and jamming my neurons. I snacked and ate late into the night, believing food will keep me awake and focused. How wrong I was… because I’d just end up laying on my bed, dozing off. However, last Friday, I still made time for a PIG OUT and celebration. I went out to a house party, featuring our guests of honor, Dr. Cameron and Dr. El-Maghrabi. Yes, medical students party with the professors. We’re cool like that. Anyway, I had some dinner plans with a group of friends and we ended up at no other than… BOBBY’S BURGER PALACE. I have yet to try everything on the menu, so that evening was the interesting Miami Burger, with pressed ham, turkey, and provolone.

Welcome to Miami

And I tried the Blueberry-Pomegranate milkshake… absolutely fulfilling and heavenly =P

Tian Ren Tea Shop in Chinatown

House-party was a blast. I had a good time with friends. The next day, I was setting out for Manhattan. I hung out with some friends and ate more good city food. First stop, I met with some NYU people at the Grand Sichuan for old-time Chinese food. Then I met up with my friend Dana and her buddy in Chinatown. I gave in to my bubble tea craving, so I ordered a Caramel Milk Tea with Jelly at 天仁. It was a nice, cold breeze through my body, after battling up Soho.

Next, we made our way uptown and visited Grand Central Station, New York Public Library at 42nd, and 5th Avenue towards Central Park. There was plenty of walking, the life of a New Yorker.

We were such tourists in Grand Central. I mean, people go there to GO somewhere. We were there awing at the ceiling, snapping pictures, and looking for the really long escalator to mess with our vestibular system! See, if you go on a really long escalator and look straight up, you will feel like you are shooting and flying upwards. We wanted to try that, except, we couldn’t find that really long escalator.

Grand Central

Strobe lights

Grand Central from the outside

We also strolled to the library. After finally seeing the library, I really want to study there. There’s plenty of people looking studious around me, the atmosphere surrounding me is MADE to motivate you to study, and the library’s architecture is beautiful. When I am in a beautiful setting, I get just comfortable enough, with just the right amount of distraction, to focus and get work done. Once I am in the mode, all concentrated, I will get things done. That’s how I felt in the NY Public Library.

Or at least, when I am in the city, I am merrier and more liberated. I feel at ease. I feel cool, sophisticated, and on top of the world. I’m a New Yorker at heart, and Manhattan is where I belong.



Marriage at the library... how romantic

The ceiling

Saks 5th Ave: This is where my first paycheck will go. I’ll treat myself to a nice pair of shoes and favorite dress. I will get my sister a classy handbag. I will treat my mother to her heart’s desire. I will get my father something he cannot break (he has a history of breaking watches and losing rings; I know where I got my genes from…). So classy and glamorous inside!!!

Saks Fifth Ave

Home Alone

It’s Thanksgiving recess at school. I spent a few days at home, came back to Stony Brook for some Black Friday shopping at Tanger’s Mall and studying, and here I am, ‘alone’ at my other home. Well, I’m not completely alone, but it is eerie to be in such quietude. Just now, I heard the jingle of the door decoration, like someone was at the door. A car just pulled up near the house again. When I was brushing my hair at the mirror, I heard the door jingle again, and I was easily startled; I half-turned around, expecting Freddie Kruger with his ulnar claws or a Chucky doll holding my pitiful paring knife. My childhood imagination and nightmares still stick with me unfortunately.

I’m watching Home Alone 2: Lost in New York on ABC Family. I love holiday movies like these, because I grew up embracing the holiday spirit- gifts, shopping, music, movies and winter break. Macaulay Culkin (who plays Kevin) is adorable and witty little pipsqueak in this movie. He still ends up separated from his family. This time, he’s not exactly ‘home alone;’ he makes it as far as the airport. His family is running late, and in their frenzy and marathon race to the gate, Kevin falls behind and mistakenly follows another running man who’s wearing the same coat as his father. Instead of heading to tropical paradise, he’s off to New York.

One of my favorite scenes: When he plays a mafia movie to escape the hotel administrators. Kevin plays the mafia guy’s sexy voice and the hotel gang responds foolishly….

So mafia man says, “Get down on your knees and tell me you love me.”

Creepy concierge, “I LOVE YOU” (ear-to-ear smile)…

Mafia man, “You gotta do better than that”

Hotel gang (Chorus): “I LOVE YOU”
Mafia man, “I’m going to give you the count of 3… to get your lousy, lying ass out the door…1…2… (BANG BANG BANG~~~^&%$%$%##$^%)… 3. Merry Christmas you filthy animal… (bang bang) and a Happy New Year (bang).”

And the fools jump out the door and slither away, totally outsmarted by a kid.

And the 2 burglars again, out of jail!!! They remind me of Simon and Garfunkel, but not at all musical. The end of the movie is like playing Mouse Trap on two bozos.

I really like the symbolism behind the turtle doves, a symbol of friendship and love. It’s like in the song, “12 Nights of Christmas” with the part with the 2nd night of Christmas. Kevin received the doves at the toy store, when he donated his $20 worth of shoveling snow. In the end, it was touching when he shared the dove with the pigeon lady. The ‘twinkling’ song played in the background, as they embrace and snow flurries down on a white Christmas. I hope to find my turtle dove one of these Christmases…

Right now as I watch this classic childhood movie, I am missing Christmas in the city. This movie is making me long for Manhattan. I’ve spent 4 years there, it has almost become a second home. Here’s another list itching to be posted:

  • I miss the holiday shops at Union Square. An evening stroll with the bright lights and homey music, it really felt like the holidays were here to stay. Last Christmas when I went with a few friends, I had the urge to buy one of those winter hats with an animal face on it. I wanted the panda one, but knew I’d look stupid wearing it out everyday, even if it was to keep my head insulated.

  • I miss ice-skating. I love the feeling of a Winter Wonderland at the scenic parks. Junior year, I went to NYU’s “Wintuk” ice-skating in Central Park with a good friend. That was the first time I stepped on ice and learned to skate; let’s say it was a wobbly trip around the rink, luckily without that many bruises. Senior year, I went to Bryant Park with Kendo club to ice-skate. This second time, I ended up with more bruises on my legs than I could count on both hands. Finally, this summer as a camp counselor, I became more pro because I did it everyday. Only difference was, I was stuck on the frigid ice with shorts and T-shirt. At least when it’s winter in the city, I could bundle up with leggings, puffy jacket, and stylish scarf.

  • Herald Square’s hustle and Macy’s merry window displays. I’m a shopaholic, but I cannot resist the decorations and glam.

Flashback to 2006 Macy's

  • Winter Wonderland on 3rd Ave, Union Square

    Oh the white blizzard before the slushy mess ruins my trip down Broadway. This year during my last semester, NYU did a revolutionary thing: giving us a SNOW DAY. Yes, this never happened, even when nearby schools like Columbia or CUNY schools closed down for a blustery storm. NYU gave us a late, but amazing gift that Wednesday in February. I felt like a little kid again, jumping in joy over a snow day. I stayed in my PJs and totally skipped out on volunteering at the medical center. As I mused over the belated Winter Wonderland, I remembered my childhood and how much I enjoyed feeling cozy at home while watching the snow or rain fall. I mean, I do not like being stuck in the bad weather, because I’ve had a bad rap-sheet on getting trapped at the library or forgetting my umbrella just when the downpour begins. But, I like listening to the rain patter or watching the pure-white snow drift softly from the clouds.

  • Rockefeller Center’s Christmas-tree lighting. I went back in freshman year. The wait was long and the crowd just as obnoxiously suffocating. I don’t think we actually saw the tree-lighting, but we did see the naked tree, light-less. That night, we ended up at Bryant Park and took a pseudo-picture with a lighted, miniature tree =P

  • Holiday shopping is never as easy as in Manhattan. I reminisce strolling on the streets, blending in with the holiday crowds and finding amazing deals.  Holiday in the city, does not compare to plain Long Island here, where everything requires pumping greenhouse gases into the air.