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Start Me Up

I just finished watching last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, titled “Start Me Up.”

First year medical students go on rounds with the residents. I love what Christina says to her underling: “Med students are like children at the dinner table, to be seen and not heard.” I’m literally laughing out loud over this episode =)

The noobs on the show…

– can’t read a CT scan

– faint in the OR, after seeing a kidney-engulfing tumor

– flirt with the resident/mentor, flashing some skimpy thong

– get in the way of emergencies

– sweat profusely when delivering bad news

– ask to take a picture of the surgery and send it to the boyfriend

End a cruddy day in the hospital with a good beer and Happy Heart cereal…


Wild Medicine

So I’m in a genetics lecture as I speak. With my laptop, I’m always distracted…

While we’re learning about designer babies, I somehow wandered on CBS news and came across freaky photo gallery titled “The Body Strange.” Curious, I went through the slideshow.

The very first one showed a woman who can pop out her eyeballs, and suck them right back into her sockets. Last time I saw this unique case was during anatomy lecture, when we were learning about the extraocular eye muscles. I guess she really exercises those rectus and oblique eye muscles. Plus, she must abuse those orbicularis oculi muscles, which could really lead to wrinkles and crow’s feet with time. I really wonder how she figured out she can pop out her eyeballs like they’re slinky toys…

This is the segment we saw in class…

Oh, and then I came across the “tree man,” where this man suffers from a rare genetic mutation that causes him to be highly susceptible to HPV (human papilloma virus). I saw the same exact case on a recent Grey’s Anatomy episode, where this man is ashamed to be in public, even when he has a loving wife by his side. That moment he stepped out of the car with his scary ‘claws’ and scaly face, I let out a scream just like Lexie Grey. I’ve never seen or heard anything like this, until I watched this episode. Who knew Grey’s Anatomy could really be educational.

Well, basically, in this disease, the HPV causes huge warts to grow all over the skin, in particular the face, hands and feet. Patients look like reptiles with enlarged feet and hands and unrecognizable faces. Dead skin accumulate as the large protrusions. The warts can be surgically removed, but they easily grow back.





Med School Parodies-Love ’em

Wow, giddy med students jamming to 1st year horrors. It’s all true too.

Here’s one:  99 Problems ’til First Year’s Done

And I liked this rendition of Nickelback’s “Rockstar,” except it’s “I Wanna Be an MD.” Don’t we all just want to get the extra 2 letters after our names already… This is a funny one, by far my favorite med school parody.

Looming debt for the next 15 years. Jobless for the next 4 years, with residency turning new doctors into cheap slave labor.

Midterm doomsday countdown. Unshakable post-exam anxiety.

Coffee overdoses.

Netters attached to the abdomen.

Late night library camp-outs and cram sessions.

Awkward patient encounters.

Anastomoses everything.

Silly pneumonics, I mean, mneumonics.

Bizarre diseases. Nitty gritty pathways.

EEeesh~ Don’t get me started on ANATOMY. I do admit, I’ve learned so much, like this…

Pikachu to the bones