Tasty Travels

I am a natural-born foodie. Here I would like to share and recommend my favorite cuisines from the world and beyond. Prepare for an extraterrestrial adventure through your taste buds!

India’s Best


     Supreme Bakery The place to go for classically Indian and American desserts and cakes.

Indian desserts like laddu and burfy

Creamy Custard Flan

European Bread for the doctors

     All Spice – Conveniently above the bakery shop, All Spice caters to your daily cravings for delicious continental burgers, pizzas, and desserts, minus the fattening grease and sugar overload. Very popular and modern air, it is the perfect place for a simple hangout and afternoon treat!

Veggie Supreme

Murgh Makhni Chicken

Strawberry Gateau

Chocolate Mousse

Tropical Sundae: pistaccio/strawberry/vanil la ice cream with cornflakes, almonds, frooti syrup, apple slices

Litchie Ice Cream Swirl

Sloppy Burger (chicken patty, fried egg, lettuce, mayo)... pretty clean to me

     Ambrosia’s – Another recommended setting for the traveling foreigner. Similar to All Spice/Supreme Bakery, it caters to the young, the family bunch, and the Americans. Featuring the best Indian-style fast food (not literally fast…really slow) and sugary desserts to send you straight to heaven, Ambrosia’s is perfect!

Chicken Cheeseburger

Appetizer: Chicken Hot Dog

Chicken Chili Dog

Pies (Almond, Banana, White Chocolate), Mocha Ball, Chocolate Cookie

Blueberry Cream Donut

Cashews: Masala or Pepper flavored

Truffle Ambrosia: chocolate truffle with vanilla ice cream, choco syrup, whipped cream, cashews



     Duetto’s – Authentic and damn good gelato! Clean, fresh, and retro place to chill and enjoy a breezy gelato!

Mango Fruit Shake


Chocolate Delight

     Cafe Mojo – Amazing continental food, from Chinese and Thai to Italian and American. I enjoyed the Chinese-style Beef Sizzler, and it was smoking delicious!

Inside Decor: Clean and Fresh

Chinese Beef Sizzler: fried rice, home fries, veggies, and beef

East Fort

     Pizza CornerAwesome pizza, with an Indian twist. Instead of porky meats and pepperoni toppings, chicken meats and lamb pepperoni decorate the heavenly pizzas! Loaded with vegetables and minimal cheese and tomato sauce, pizzas are healthy and small-portioned. How adorable are the special pizzas: conizzas and sandwizzas! The names gave away what they are, but really, how cute are the names?! Tomato ketchup is used as a condiment to make up for the lack of tomatoes and sauce. If you like your food spicy, there’s plenty of red pepper flakes to sprinkle atop the gorgeously tantalizing pizza. Among the delectable samples I devoured include:

Desi combo: lamb keema, chicken tikka, tomato

Super Combo: chicken tikka, chicken salami, lamb pepperoni, onion, capsicum (green peppers)

Punjabi Chicken Tikka: capsicum, tomato, chicken tikka (*all time favorite according to the menu)

Keema La Jawab: lamb keema, onion, garlic, tandoori seasoning (*all time favorite according to the menu)

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