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Dancing Kings

A man who’s comfortable in his own skin, can dance like a sexy gal. He’s Key from the K-pop band SHINee. He syncs really well to the moves, shakes his cheeks with sass, and dances like no man can in front of millions of fans. He puts on a titillating performance to some of my favorite K-pop girl songs: SNSD Gee, Genie (Tell Me Your Wish), Hoot; Miss A Bad Girl, Good Girl; f(x) Chu, Nu ABO; and other songs I’ll experiment with post-Physiology. Even better when a guy has the balls to do the cute stuff, boob pops and booty bounces…Here’s 10-minutes of your time =D

I think my favorite is T-Ara’s Bo Peep Bo Peep, the obnoxiously cute and loud ringtone that went off in Histology one time. It’s the song I’m hooked to currently.

And here’s Han Geng from Super Junior (with some little Taiwanese kids) jiving to Bo Peep Bo Peep; I’m telling you, the song is addictive. It’s driving up the estrogen levels in Asian guys…

This was the song that started my K-pop fever, courtesy of my old roommate in college. Sheesh, I admire girls who can dance in pointy heels; most of the time I just want to survive walking around Manhattan.

And I also admire Super Junior and SHINee in drag, singing and prancing to Gee like it’s a circus town. No, they are not gay either… just a very merry group of hot guys.

See, they can be charming in other ways… “No Other” by Super Junior and “Lucifer”/”Ring Ding Dong” by SHINee


Bollywood Boppin’

Today, I joined the Bollywood Dance crew for the upcoming medical school events (Evening of the Arts, Asian Extravaganza). I have no experience in dance whatsoever, so I was learning 2 weeks worth of dance routines plus new stuff.

There was so much booty shaking and hip wagging. I feel my left hip getting stronger with each swag. Then there’s this one part where I feel an abdominal workout, just like in those exercise videos with the leg-ups and wide hand motions. I’m trying to perfect the “Egyptian,” the “hip bop,” the “chicken dance,” and all the graceful arm moves. Dancing is so much fun AND I get a rush of energy.

And then I negated my workout with another Chinese New Year celebration dishout: my signature sesame noodles, some bok choy, homemade bubble tea, RICE, beef stir fry, dumplings, sushi rolls, eggplant, and other American dishes.


Today, I tried Step dancing, a pretty ghetto dance style I’ve not envisioned myself trying. It’s almost like beat-boxing, but with your arms and legs slapping and stomping in every direction and on any body part possible.

Well, here’s a little background information about step dancing. Generally, step dancing focuses on footwork. Let’s see, there’s Irish step dancing, tap, dance dance revolution (DDR), and some European step dances. The one that most people will be familiar with here is Stepping, a dance style with roots in Africa. Basically, the body acts as an instrument to play intricate rhythm and beats. The feet can step softly or with emphasis (as in a stomp) in different patterns. The arms and hands almost accessorize, also playing to the beat by moving, slapping, or clapping. Once you get used to the basics, you can add your own personal style and attitude to the composition. Sound like fun? Hell yesssss =)

I also feel like I’m back in orchestra when I used to play the violin, since it’s important to count beats. This may be random, but this whole stepping thing reminds me of beat-boxing, and one of my favorite Asian guys out there is JJ Lin who’s an incredible beat-boxer. He can dance, he has a sexy body, he hits the high notes, he speaks English and he beat-boxes! Here’s a clip of his concert.

Now, I had such a fun time learning and dancing during that hour. I think I still have a little bit of music acuity to pull me through this, in addition to my college years of athleticism and flexibility. I’m going to work hard and practice in my room; that does mean, I’ll be a rather noisy neighbor =P

It’s not STEP exams. It’s not the stapedius muscle in your ears that equilibrates your auditory tube. I am pumped to be part of SB Med STEP-edius, where all the action and excitement will be happening, far away from med school reality =)

Every med student's nightmare

Dashing Down the Stage

My current eye candy?  Korean guys.  Why?  Because they are dashing dancers.  They have the looks, the steam, the unity, the sex appeal, the ever evolving style, and the make-you-melt moves.

Like every other teenage girl in America, I used to be infatuated with pop boy bands like ‘N Sync, Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync.  I still fall back in time once in a while to remember my girlhood reverie.  I remember the magazine pictures I clipped with my school friends, the love we professed for our favorite members, the giggles we shared while watching television shows, and the letters we wrote to celebrities. Now, here are a few old favorites by my top boy bands.  *Note the fashion, choreography, and the overall performance.* I used to watch “Making the Video” for these songs.

Now, I’ve become less of a twinkie and more of a FOB in recent years.  My recent muses are Korean pop bands that have fantastic talent and skills on the dance floor.  Some personal favorites include DBSK/TVXQ 東方神起, Super Junior 슈퍼주니어, 빅뱅 Big Bang, SS501, SNSD 少女時代, and Wonder Girls, for now.  I’m still exploring and dabbling around.  In Korea, these top groups are created by big record companies/talent agencies (ex. JYP created the Wonder Girls, SM Entertainment formed Super Junior).  Young kids/adolescents are recruited and continuously trained over the years in dance, vocals, and languages, so by the time they debut, they’re still young and hip and money-making machines.  Think of it as Korea’s recipe for success, on the American scale:  take the glam and talents from American Idol, add a dab of Lou Pearlman’s eye from “Making the Band,” and finish off with a big push from the typical stage mom.

These Korean popstars never fail to amaze me with their multi-lingual tongues, upbeat music, slick and stylish looks, and dazzling dance moves.  Because they can sing in Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, and English they attract a diverse audience.  When was the last time you heard an American Idol hopeful sing Jacky Cheung’s classic “Kiss Goodbye” or Lady Gaga belt out Andrea Boccelli’s “Con Partiro”?  That’s what I would call talent and passion for music.

This is SNSD 少女時代 (Girl’s Generation) singing “Oh!”… It’s a bit cutesy and girly, but it’s catchy.

This is DBSK/TVXQ… singing, rather passionately, the song “Love On Ice.”

Now, this is DBSK making all the right moves in all the right ways in their famous “Mirotic 주문.”  They really put their whole body and energy into every move. 

This is a live version.  Since I do not have time to go to Korea to see them in concert, Youtube gives me the same pleasure right from home. OMG, the DBSK guys dance and maneuver around so well, they are practically breathless.  They’ve left me melting. 

And finally, Super Junior 슈퍼주니어!!!  They are HUGE in East Asia.  This is their famous song “Sorry Sorry,” so next time you apologize to someone, think of Super Junior.  The choreography is synced so well.  They remind me of those migratory birds that fly in perfect triangles.  You would think having 13 hot dudes on stage is mayhem, but no no, it’s quite the spectacle.  Super Junior makes dancing in professional suits look so slick; who knew that dancing in professional suits could be executed so well?  And the vocals! Each member’s voice is unique, but the vocals are choreographed with the music and dance moves.  Hot!

This is Super Junior’s latest release, “Bonamana.” They got makeovers and a new style.  I’m not so hot on the voice enhancements and the music overshadowing their sexy voices, but I love them regardless.  Here, I’m hooked to the “speed skater” move and the chorus’ tribal tune signaling an Amazon jungle adventure.  Note the jumps, bounces, and lean-backs… they look fun.  Enjoy!  

To conclude, ❤ Asian music >>>>>>> American music any day.  Just my 2 cents.