Why I Like U-Kiss

I am very much into Korean culture and entertainment, more than Chinese and American nowadays. I love their sense of fashion, dance, and music. And I’ve been expanding my realm of K-pop love to new horizons, with the help of my dearly obsessed sister.  I have found talent outside of SNSD, Super Junior, Wonder Girls, and Big Bang. It’s just as mind-boggling how much Korean music has changed in a span of a few years! Many bands and artists have had their blunders and experimental phases, moving with the mainstream. Here will begin a series of snapshots in K-pop evolution, as well as glimpses into my personal taste in entertainment, fashion, dance, and music.

U-KISS, short for Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star and mysteriously shortens to 유키스 in Korean, is a very popular band in South Korea now. Out since 2008, the current group members include Shin Soohyun, Elison Kim (Eli), Kevin Woo, Shin Dong Ho, Lee Kiseop, Hoon and AJ. Back in 2008, their first hit was “Not Young” off their debut mini-album New Generation. They look like bratty teenage kids, acting all cool and fresh in Kobe gear and impressing the ladies with basketball tricks. Their hair was a tad too long and they too scrawny to be considered anywhere near Prince Charmings. The cornrows, the poofy bedheads, and the plaid pants, all were fashion faux pas.  These former wannabe gangster kids on the block were not the boys next door.

New Kids on the Korean Block

This one is also plain weird, the song “I Like You” off their second mini-album Bring It Back to Old School in 2009. They look really gay in the red and rainbow pants. I’m not too pleased with the ghetto gangster look as a way to impress the ladies.

0330” is their most recent song off their first full length 2011 comeback album, Only One. I LOVE this song, for its tune, the serenific piano melodies, their complimentary soft, harmonic voices, and the inherent passion you can hear through earplugs. Now, they are worthy eye-candy. Their style has changed significantly. Their shorter haircuts frame their faces more smoothly. I especially compliment their choice of clothing nowadays, whether it’s rocking denim jackets with combat boots or a clean dress shirt paired with a slimming blazer. The ending part of the song is my favorite, for it highlights their best. Together as one, they are singing so passionately beneath the sunset breeze. Eyes closed, voices vibrating in the winds, and hands reaching high into the sky, U-Kiss is a remarkably talented and attractive group. They are on top of the world, literally.

U-KISS - "0330"

Here’s a live performance from a recent performance… rocking in the sleek white suits!

On a side note, if you listen to the little bit of random English in the song, there’s one part “Don’t deny our r^2 pi…” Any takers on what that means? Eternal love? The area of a circle equals the depth of love? I like that quote; first time I’m using my brain since the physiology final…


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