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Best of Brooklyn: Summer at Smorgasburg

Summer has finally arrived and what better place to spend with a special someone than NYC?!!!
Tis’ the season for Smorgasburg, the most incredible and convenient summer food experience at cheap prices with maximal gluttinous impact.  Spanning the streets in a hipster part of town known as Brooklyn, Smorgasburg has its weekend food experience divided between Williamsburg on Saturdays and Brooklyn Bridge Park on Sundays, featuring popular bites and treats from around the world.

My sister and I hit off our Sunday morning with a walk across the scenic Brooklyn Bridge.  An added bonus on the way back from a burning hot day:  a painful 1st degree burn and equally hideous, uneven tan that will be with me until the dead of winter.  No hot summer fashion for me this year =(

On our merry way to Brooklyn!

On our merry way to Brooklyn!

Sister and I made it to the other side @Brooklyn Bridge Park

Sister and I made it to the other side @Brooklyn Bridge Park

Sweaty and hot, we trudged on to fill our hungry tummies with the best street food NYC has to offer, along with a gorgeous view of the East River and Lower Manhattan.  Welcome to my journey through Smorgasburg!

Teriyaki balls with shrimp!

Teriyaki balls with shrimp!

Mimi and Coco, Japanese Street Food, NY Style:  Featuring, TERIYAKI BALLS.  These cute bite-sized dough balls are filled with your choice of jumbo shrimp, juicy sausage, chewy cheese or organic potato, topped with teriyaki sauce, light mayo and crunchy corn flakes and almond slices.  The teriyaki sauce is on the salty side, so be prepared to have something cold (perhaps a slushy… see below!).  The chewiness of the dough and fulfilling texture from the inside out is unbeatable!

Visit their scrumptious website here:

Kelvin Natural Slush Co.:  Need a fun-tastic refresher after a salty treat?  Need a memory booster of a childhood summer favorite?  The former lawyers behind Kelvin Natural Slush Co. created a genius slushy concoction of natural fruit and flavors.  To a base flavor of Spicy Ginger, Tangy Citrus or Green & Black Tea, you add all natural pureed fruit of your choosing (acai, apricot, blueberry, blackberry, black orange, cherry, cranberry, lycee, mango, papaya, pink guava, pear, raspberry, strawberry, white peach).

Nutritious, delicious and coolicious!  Beats your average 7-Eleven summer slush, anyday.

Check out the best slush:

The best cooldown:  Citrus with mango, Arnold Palmer with white peach

The best cooldown: Citrus with mango, Arnold Palmer with white peach

Mango coconut sticky rice with Thai iced tea

Mango coconut sticky rice with Thai iced tea

Bamboo Bites“Sticky rice snacks made for sweet people.”  Amen to that tagline! Highly recommend the sticky rice snacks, served to you in a cute and long bamboo.  But if you’re in a more savory mood, there are options in that gustatory department.

Get sticky:

Alchemy Creamery:

Chocolate chai ice cream with cookie crumbs ... not a personal chocolate fan

Chocolate chai ice cream with cookie crumbs … not a personal chocolate fan

Their specialty is dairy free ice cream, but let’s be honest, ice cream is meant to be fattening and creamy.  I was not impressed with the offerings that day, let alone the taste. One disappointment of the day =(

Ice cream:


Drumroll… the culmination of a hot, sunny and sweaty Saturday:

Ramen Burger!

My sister and I got lucky with the line in the early afternoon before it had the chance to explode out of control.  We were not leaving Smorgasburg without taking pictures and tasting this famous burger.

A gloriously hyped-up burger since it’s release a couple years ago, and a definite must-try if you’re in Manhattan.  Thank you Chef Keizo Shimamoto for your genius burger creation.  With grilled ramen noodle patties as the buns and a scrumptious layering of angus beef, arugula, scallion and secret shoyu sauce, the burger is a classic fusion of American and Japanese essence.

And yes, grease and juice got all over my clothing and handbag, and neglected it all until the completion of my burger.

Check out this spin on Ramen:

Happy and hungry girls

Happy and hungry girls