The Dating Diaries

Welcome to my new series, Conchibi’s Dating Diaries, a new blog column entertaining you with my personal adventures in the world of online dating.  Life as a single Asian girl in medical school gets rather monotonous and boring.  Seriously, studying all the time in coffee shops or libraries and roaming the hospital floors like a friendly ghost … how is a girl living such a depressingly nerdy life to find her Prince Charming, especially when there is an ocean of eligibly hunky bachelors in a distant land called NYC?

Curiosity struck the cat.  I never imagined myself diving into the stream of modern love hopefuls, but I did.  Call it a spontaneous move, a purposeful accident.  While on the interview trail for residency programs, why not make a few detours and enjoy some dates?  Interviewing and dating run parallel routes.  Finding the perfect fit job is a long-term commitment and requires looking and acting your sharpest.  And on emergency medicine residency interviews, it’s like speed-dating for 3 hours, if not longer.  Likewise, dating is about finding Mr. Right.  Whether it’s a nighttime stroll or candlelight dinner, the mutual Q&A is like an interview process, with moderately high stakes because first impressions count and the chemistry lab is brewing; hopefully, the night is a success and a second date ensues.

I am young, but the years are rapidly ticking by.  I’ve recently passed the quarter-century mark, luckily unscathed by a major crisis!  I am also your average Asian girl:  petite, modest, caring and fun, with a deep appreciation for food, flavor and fashion.  Of course, I must be fierce too, given I was raised by a Tiger Mom who whipped me into the multi-talented, straight-A doctor I will soon become.  That’s just a snippet of my personality posted to the virtual world.  If you get far enough to meet me in person over coffee or dinner, I will entertain you with my boring upbringing on Long Island to my crazy uprooting to Manhattan as well as my humor, antics, complaints, interests and earthly travels.

Before we venture forward, let’s begin with a picture of my ideal man, Dr. McDreamy.  As you read through my blogs, take note of how far off I have been in successfully nailing my dream man.

McDreamy1. He’s a doctor:  I’m going to be a doctor, so it’s only natural I’ll find myself a doctor hubby, right?  Smart, educated, professional, well-dressed, healthy and dashingly fit… a stunningly perfect species of men.

2. He’s tall, dark and handsome:  I think this cliched statement speaks for itself.  Any lady would agree to this.  I need to look up to my man, not down.  And I like an air of mystery from the shadows.

3. He’s Asian:  Preferably Korean, but can be Taiwanese, Chinese or Japanese too.  Korean guys have the perfect physique:  tall, fit, light-skinned.  It’s also an added plus they dance well, know how to dress like it’s Fashion Week anyday, and smile devilishly like it’s their weapon.

I feel like I connect better with a guy from a similar traditional and cultural background.  It’s a case-by-case assessment, so not all white guys are out of the picture.  But after watching Seeking Asian Female and perusing, my perspective of white guys on the Internet are unfavorably and horrifically skewed.

Seeking Asian Female

From his MV, "愛錯" (Wrongly Loved)... look at the irresistible muscle meat

From his MV, “愛錯” (Wrongly Loved)… look at the irresistible muscle meat

4. He’s got muscles of mass destruction:  Who wants to be hugged by skinny chicken wings?

The closest man who fits my ideal (and I’m speaking on behalf of the entire continent of Asia) is Taiwanese singer-songwriter, actor and producer, Wang Lee Hom 王力宏.  A musical genius (he plays the piano, violin, guitar, drums and… THE ERHU) with a weakness for romance and knack for creativity, art and languages.  This guy was set to pursue medicine at Ivy League schools, but chose to attend the liberal arts school, Williams College, to pursue music and Asian studies.  Soon enough, he learned Mandarin, found and lost love, made it back to his motherland of Taiwan and became an international popstar, melting the hearts of millions of Asian chicks around the world.

Yes, it's Lee Hom again... the epitome of a Hot Asian Guy

Yes, it’s Lee Hom again… the epitome of a Hot Asian Guy


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