Friday Night Foley’s in San Francisco

Friday night, November 4, 2011

I called my trip to San Francisco last weekend a pleasurable ‘business’ excursion. To recount my weekend extravaganza, let’s go back to that Friday night after I let my battered feet rest… I returned to my hotel room early evening. I was already in a state of fatigue, even before my first night in California began. I hopped on my bed and did this…

That’s right, I plopped down and started reviewing crazy cranial nerves weaving through all the nooks and kinks of the human skull. Except, my volition level plundered before it even peaked. I was practically on a weekend excursion, of course my motivation to study was close to nil. I was also cold, so I snuggled under the thick coat of blankets. Cozy and all, I wanted to sleep. I switched on the TV and got sucked into the Discovery Health channel. First it was a show on a 200 lb tumor, then it was about people who hate their bodies for legitimate reasons, like one woman who grew a beard. Before I got too enraptured by the show, it was almost time to meet new people. My friend from medical school just got to the hotel from his home in the suburbs. We went downstairs to the 2nd floor lobby to meet up with (hopefully) a large enough social gang of Asians. We walked between the 1st and 2nd floor, looking for a pack of Asian-looking people, but to no avail. Luckily, we got hailed down, as we looked like two lost Asian kids.

The nighttime social was at Johnny Foley’s on O’Farrell St. It was an entertaining night of dueling pianos, where two rockstar pianists/comedians played variations and funny improvisations of America’s favorite sing~a~long songs:  Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On,” Journey, and Elton John just to name a few. I have honestly started to forget American musicians since I started playing Asian songs on iTunes DJ. It was a laidback night, where the medical students huddled in one corner behind the super-energetic old pianist, while solid party animals got drunk and danced near the bar area. I did not spend a long time there, not because I was a party pooper, but because 1) I forgot my ID to get in the bar and had to run back to grab it and 2) I left for dinner barely 5 minutes after entering and sitting down. The guy next to me was from Kansas, who I met earlier in the lobby. We went out to grab some dinner, since he hadn’t eaten since 7:30 am and I finally digested the Korean beef noodle soup from 7 hours ago. I was given a choice of Japanese or Thai… I picked Thai. Lucky for him, he happened to be Thai. In the restaurant, we ate yummy food and chatted about our lives:  how’s your medical school?  what do you want to go into?  you been to Cali?  you been to NY?  where are you from?  what’s your ethnicity? … Friendly small talk over hearty Thai food. You know, the getting to know your enemy kind of chit chat… We walked back to Foley’s. Good thing I had a companion. I mentioned how I have a tendency to get lost, a failure at holding and reading maps. You know a guy’s response? “It’s OK. You’re an Asian girl…” I think I’ll use that excuse and it’ll work like a charm wherever I go and whoever I’m with =D

The rest of the night was mild. By the time we got back to the bar, the few medical students who were there, mainly the organizers of the conference, were gone. I guess it was bedtime for them. The leftovers sat behind the bearded Piano Man, drinking and mildly socializing. I believe I spent over an hour there before I felt sleep sinking in. I walked back to my hotel down the block, showered, and started snoozing. I was super fatigued. Right before midnight, as I was dozing off talking to my sister over the phone, my roommate entered. Up until then, I had no roommates, though I was supposed to have two others. I was glad that I did not have to share a bed, and even with one roommate who just arrived, I still had my own bed. Now, I couldn’t fall asleep and I started talking to my new roommate for the night, an MS-III from Michigan State. We chatted, while she unpacked and I picked up after my bathroom belongings and clothing I left lying around. Eventually, I couldn’t stay awake any longer, so I bid good night and dozed off… I was knocked out in dreamland…

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