Some SF Stupidity

Prepare to poke fun at me after reading this post. If you read my summer post on stupid revelations made in India, you will have more ammunition to deflate my intelligence.

1) California is known for its trolley transportation system. No dirty underground subways, just a scenic drive around town.

Market Street

Market Street

I took one of these honeys on Sunday when I visited Fisherman’s Wharf with my cousin. The last time I rode anything remotely close to a trolley was in college, the purple school bus known as the NYU trolley.

San Francisco is famous for its cable car transit system. The trolleys above are more akin to buses. Cable cars, however, are part of the city’s railway system, attached to the ground by … constantly moving cables. The cable car moves wherever the tracks leads it, mostly in a straight, though mountainous, line.

I’ve delayed the inevitable long enough. Let me reveal my biggest blunder of all Asian history. In my mind, I always thought San Francisco was famous for the trolleys, what I envisioned as these so-called ‘cable cars.’ I believed cable cars were those little things that took you up mountains, like when my family took the lazy way up the Great Wall of China.

So-Called Great Wall "Cable Car"

When I was wandering the streets of San Francisco, I was on the lookout for cable cars… in the air. Yes, I was shielding my eyes and searching for cable cars attached to cable lines, in the skies. My friend told me to check out the Cable Car Turnaround, where Blondie’s Pizza was located, and I was anticipating a ‘turnaround’ in mid-air. It’s not like I went a whole weekend looking into the heavens and cracking my cervical vertebrae looking for cable cars defying gravity. I figured it out within a few hours of walking the streets. I mean, I first thought the trolley buses were cable cars, and only later did I pick out the real cable cars. I later relayed this story to my friends with me, who got a good laugh at my naivete. I told this to my friend Dana over Google Talk that afternoon, who gave herself a *face-palm.* While out at a lounge, I had a brief conversation over Google Talk with another friend, that played out (rather humorously upon retrospection) like this:

me: Yo Carvey. SF is amazing lol

Carvey: AHHH… YOU LIKE???  😀 Where have u been so far?

11:24 PM me: Westfield mall, Union square.  As far as my feet can take me
 Carvey: haha nice, aww no ride? The subway there isn’t too confusing btw
11:26 PM me: U r talking to someone who thought cable cars were in the air… Lol
11:29 PM Carvey: …………………………………………Connie.  I’m sorry but all the respect I had for your intelligence as a med student just took a big hit.
Okay, now this is a cable car. This line headed down Powell Street. I will never make this mistake again. You make the mistake once and it is forever branded in your brain.
One last thing about cable cars. The cable runs along underground; you can see and hear it on the streets. It sounds rather strange and ominous to me, like clinking chains and gears. Whenever I crossed the streets, I was practically hopping over the cables, thinking they were like railway tracks and that somehow, my feet might get caught. Or a cable car might run into me. It’s not like they can speed. Coming out of New York, you are hardened to hate on speeding cars and on crossing railroad tracks. There have been plenty of broadcast news on suicides, where people jump in front of trains. I have lived by a major railroad station on Long Island, perpetually hearing the obnoxious sound of fast approaching trains. And I know, these cable cars are not trains. I had unfounded beliefs in danger when crossing the comparatively safe streets of San Francisco…
2) This would not be considered a stupid revelation, but it was still funny. I walked into Walgreens to buy a toothbrush. While navigating around, I stumbled upon the snack section. Not just ANY snack section… THE ASIAN SNACK SECTION. Back home, I had to go as far as Flushing or Chinatown to get my favorite Asian snacks: Pocky, Hello Panda, Yam Yam, Bowl Noodles, Shin Ramyun, wasabi peas, flavorful crackers, shrimp chips, seaweed strips, taro or red bean pastries, mooncakes, etc… An Asian snack haven, in Walgreens, a rather white convenient store. It goes to show how Asian San Francisco really is…

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