Hello Baby: Meet Yoogeun

I think it’s an absolute GENIUS idea to have a candid reality TV show that documents shining K-pop superstars who can do more than just singing, dancing, and looking pretty. It would be a preposterous joke in America to have trashy socialites and spoiled know-nothings dress in silly animal costumes, dance in public for free food, play practical jokes on each other, roll around on the floor like puppies, and kiss a baby on the lips. Speaking of babies, people in America can barely take care of themselves. Take a look at what MTV has evolved into; it does not even play music anymore, only trashy reality TV with drunk kids and hormonal, horny 20-somethings! American TV has become a churning receptacle, and hence, I have found comfort in Asian variety shows. Whether I’m watching Taiwanese or Korean television, I cannot help but burst out in candid laughter at the silliness, camaraderie, and educational value. Yes, I learn from humor, the stupid Asian type. I see myself making the same dumb remarks and mistakes all the time.

I’m stuck in a fit of spastic giggles whenever I watched this Korean reality show, Hello Baby with SHINee (2010), where the SHINee guys become appas and take on the livelihood and challenges of fatherhood. It’s a candid look at how the SHINee boys handle an adorable, frolicsome, and mischievous baby angel, as they bond with the toddler and grow into one happy family.

Episode 1:  SHINee get mysteriously kidnapped on a cold winter’s day. They have a feeling something’s fishy and they correctly believe they’ll be on the upcoming season 2 of Hello Baby, following the Soshi Sisters (SNSD Girls’ Generation) from the previous season. They foolishly think they will be the babies for the Soshi Sisters. Then the show would be called “Hello SHINee!” Lol~~ They referred to girls as their noonas, Korean for an older sister figure from a male’s perspective, only to realize stupidly that they are all the same age. Yeah, the SHINee boys are not Boyz II Men for very good reasons… And when they read fan notes congratulating their new roles as dads, they say “D-A-D-S, not D-E-A-D,” which they playfully misread…

So they realize their mission and settle in a traditional Hanok village house. But before they can have a stork deliver their baby, SHINee must pass a series of parenthood tests. If they fail, well then, it’ll just be “Hello” and “Goodbye Baby.”

To drift into a festive mood, each member stupidly dresses up in costumes: Spiderman who can only crouch with his overpumped muscles, a spinach-nourished Popeye, magical & graceful Peter Pan, a princely Prince, and a Kindergartener. Jonghyun’s famous quote, to be repeated during many times of mischief, “Is this the kind of reality you wanted?” The idea behind them dressing in fantasy costumes is for them to meet the child’s level. Now they have to match up to the child’s mind.

The test asked three basic questions pertaining to child development. See if you can be the next top parent:

1) What does it mean when a child claps both hands and then opens up again?

2) What does a mom do to fix a picky eater?

Regarding this one, there’s a few quotables

– Taemin: “Shred the food… like vegetable juice.”

– Jonghyun: “My style, my style, not giving food! It’s punishment!”

Key:  “Then what you’re saying is that the correct method is to starve the baby.”

3) A newborn baby… is it a good idea to wash it or no?

Now, the baby. Jung Yoogeun, 4 years old (in Korean age), is bursting with cuteness: BIG doll eyes, chubby cherubic cheeks, babbling and bumbling, trotting on his dwarfish legs. His exclamatory squeaks and “WAH” (as in “Wow”) are contagiously cute! I’m still trying to imagine some sensational syndication like this in America. Just picture the Jersey Shore gang taking care of Britney Spears’ baby boys. Just can’t pull it off in the West; it’ll be a tragic story. No American artists, no matter how popular and fantastic they are, will reduce themselves down to farm animals or ridiculous superheros for a toddler.

Meeting 5 Daddies

1. Yoogeun looks strikingly similar to Mino, particularly the big, wide eyes and double eyelids. Several times, they get confused for father and son. I believe people thought Minho had an illegitimate son floating around… Minho will prove to be a natural and perfect father figure, always showing his affection to baby Yoogeun.

2. Yoogeun loves peek-a-boo with Onew. Children at this age do not have the concept of object permanence. Hence, they think you magically disappear behind your hands and float back into existence.

3. Yoogeun pets Jonghyun’s yellow hair. I believe Yoogeun thinks it’s fine feline fur.

4. The beginnings of the ‘Ring Ding Dong’ dance with Yoogeun. At this time, SHINee’s hit song “Ring Ding Dong” was viral across the globe. From here on out, they will dance “Ring Ding Dong” to satisfy food vendors, obtain free food, and of course, entertain Yoogeun, even in silly animal costumes.

Yoogeun is one blessed baby. How often does a child get showered with kisses and love from 5 appas simultaneously? Teenage girls around the world vie for their love, and yet, Yoogeun has barely made it to kindergarten and he’s already captured their hearts. When I have my own baby one day, this is how I’ll show my love. My heart’s already melting for Yoogeun and gushing with affection; will my heart for my own child be a puddle then?

Yoogeun acts weird when he has to say sorry


Yoogeun-APPA! - By far, the cutest episode!

I love this picture of Yoogeun with his waterfall ponytail. Is it an Asian parenting tradition to do this to every baby who has an abnormal head-load of hair?

That's me, at Six Flags, with folds of baby muscle and head sprouting with hair... basically I looked like a boy


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