~ Paradise India: Beach Hopping ~

Thiruvananathapuram is known as the “Evergreen City” of India, coined by India’s pride and joy – Mahatma Gandhi.

I did not spend all my days confined to the Medical College, Pattom Road, or East Fort. I went far and wide beyond the Evergreen City to find myself at India’s best beaches. I cannot say they are the hottest beaches because 1) no ladies in skimpy bikinis, 2) no hot guys with washboard abs to flaunt, and 3) no aquamarine blue waters like the island of Capri or the Caribbean. But water is my main element according to Chinese divination, so I found myself at complete ease and happiness when I visited India’s finest seaside spots.

Nevertheless, South India showcases some of nature’s finest works and beautiful beaches… Let’s say I had a delightful taste of paradise as a preview of the doctor’s life to come =) Gourmet meals, cocktails, and smoothies on the seaside, overlooking the crashing waves and feeling the gentle breeze. Truly a tropical dream that’s morphed into reality.

Kovalem Beach, a very popular tourist attraction and close to Trivandrum City. I loved it here so much that I came here twice. This area is actually divided into three beaches: Kovalem, Hawah, and Lighthouse Beach. The shoreline is lined with resorts and restaurants. Long promenades on the beach never felt more magical and comforting!!!

Walking down to Kovalem Beach... SO CLOSE!!!

Coconut trees and boats


Fine, glittery sand... almost like pixie

On the Rocks

Lighthouse Beach

Come a Little Closer, Lighthouse

Bollywood shoot in the works...


The Real Kovalem Beach


Making our mark in India

Varkala Beach

Another famous and breathtaking beach. Towering, red cliffs overlook the grand Indian Ocean. Rocky, misty, and breezy. You walk on the cliffs overlooking the crashing seas below. Sit back in a lounge chair, read a thriller novel, sip on a chill cocktail, and float into your dreams. Let the gentle winds brush against your face. Let the pounding waters below tickle your ears. Let your senses go. Close your eyes and fall into the clouds.

O Captain, My Captain... Where art thou?


Up on the cliffs now

A very long walk...

Veli Lake, is right next door to Trivandrum (literally, 8 km out west), a simple tourist town along the seas. The entire time there, we did not realize how close Veli Lake was. We only went there the last weekend before hitting back home. Honestly, it is nothing compared to the scenery at Kovalem and Varkala. Veli Lake is more a village town with a statuesque green park, lake, bridge, and beach. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!!! There are some naughty pieces of artwork that can be taken deep into the gutter.

Veli Tourist Village

How dirrty is your mind?

By the way, that's the "Floating Restaurant"


... And the Floating Bridge



The Great Wall of Veli

A baby beach

Baby beach connects with Mommy beach - the Almighty Indian O


A different kind of sand: earthy and brown

How cute! Benches shaped as Leaves

Photosynthesizers at Work

Women, are Humpy, Hilly Beings

Lesbian Love


So how many Veli Lakes are there?

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