~ Paradise India: East Fort ~

East Fort was a hipping spot to be. It’s known as the heart of Thiruvananathapuram. It was practically next door to where I lived, accessible by bus or rickshaw (cheaper with the bus). With so much vitality and culture, East Fort was a pleasant place to visit. Gandhi Road stretched down a long distance. The first time I hit East Fort was nighttime. With glittering lights and energy exuding from the streets, East Fort was the upbeat side of India I did not expect. Let me tell you, I went back many times afterwards.

The famous street, M.G. (Gandhi) Road, was pumping with shops, bakeries, and restaurants. En route to East Fort, there were plenty of passing sights to see: Trivandrum Zoo/Napier Museum, Mosque, St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Kerala Legislative Assembly, the Secretariat, Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium, and the University of Kerala. I’ve returned to East Fort for a variety of things:  Chalai Bazaar marketplace, Gandhi Park, Attukal Shopping Complex, Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Thampanoor bus station, Trivandrum Central Railway, Milkshakes, Pizza Corner, the elite Mayan Bar at the Pankaj Hotel, and the Purple Lounge (or attempted to visit the nighttime scene).

Entrance to Napier Museum/Trivandrum Zoo Park

East Fort - Mosque

St. Joseph's Cathedral

Kerala Legislative Assembly

The Secretariat

Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium - Football and Cricket Play

July 1, 2011:  M. Gandhi Park, smack in the middle of the busy city

East Fort Gate and Attukal Shopping Complex

Lol, Super Glue would help...

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, dedicated to the great Vishnu.

Got Thirsty... Got a Lassy Yogurt Drink by Milma =)

The squared-off lake along the walkway to the temple was serene and refreshing, just like my lassy drink. Sit back and sip your favorite cocktail while you imagine yourself in this peaceful setting…



Elephants and Coconut Monkeys!!!

And other East Fort Misc…

Pizza Corner Delivery Box... Never Made It In the Pizza Joint at Spencer's Junction


Mayan Bar - Orange Soda and Whiskey


Trivandrum Central

Mustard and Ketchup Bus...


And a Nicer Bus...


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