Stupid Revelations I Made Abroad

Pistacchios are green

All my life, I thought pistacchios were like any other nuts – white, brown, creamy, crunchy. But green? I was blown away when I saw green nuts. I had pista ice cream, pista sharjas, and pista desserts, assuming they all had minto or green food-coloring. No no, pistacchios are naturally green. It was confirmed when I watched “Gourmet Central” with the cook chopping light green pistacchios and when I went to a juice stand in East Fort. I saw with my own eyes the jar of green nuts that went in my pista sharja. Still, I’m baffled by the concept of green nuts. They look like Japanese wasabi peas! Green things are photosynthetic plants and trees and the Incredible Hulk and Nickelodeon slime, not nuts.

Onions make the thick base of sauces

I never cook onions long enough to get it all soft and mushy. But apparently, if onions are cooked down for a longer time, they make a delicious sauce mix. It’s the base of most Indian dishes. Everything I’ve eaten, vegetable and chicken dishes, had powerful flavors and savory soupy sauces, all thanks to carmelized onions.

Cricket = ‘Bootleg Baseball’

The first time I went to Kovalem Beach, my friend and I passed some kids playing ball on the beach. They played with a flattened, squat wooden bat and a green tennis-like ball. I said, “What is this, bootleg baseball?” My friend hit his head and replied, “Omg, you’ve got to be kidding me… Yes, it’s cricket!” Well, wasn’t that embarrassing. Big news, I don’t come from a cricket nation, USA or China; it’s always been baseball, basketball, tennis, or ping pong!

United Arab Emirates does NOT equal Saudi Arabia… Ooops

About Gas Stove Tops

I fail at using gas stove tops. I’ve been spoiled with simply turning the knob to ON! and instant fire. You have to use a match to light the flame in India. I’ve made many dangerous mistakes unfortunately, so I’m lucky to be alive now.

– Turning on the gas, then lighting it. It’s a live flambé show!

– It becomes a wildfire when I turn on multiple stove tops at a time. I usually did this to boil several pots of water and cook my ramen noodle breakfast. This way it was more efficient, except it was more of a danger to the apartment and possibly the building.


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