Funny Signs in India


At the SUT Hospital off Pattom Road near where I lived, there were several hilariously ridiculous signs. First, the new SUT Royal Hospital advertising ‘Super Specialty’ services. There’s ‘Keyhole Heart Surgery’ and a field called Diabetology. That’s not even a word in America, since I’m getting red swiggles for spellcheck! I wonder if the Keyhole surgery looks like this:

The advanced Emergency Department featured 64 Slice CT. Sounds sharp and painful.

Same day on the hidden hospital grounds:

The Super Specialty advertisement is hidden amongst rubble and rocks and a broken rickshaw possibly


OoooOOoo, the Pattom Palace... Now, Where is It?


A Lesson on Compassionate Care for Stony Brook? Looks too clean for a hospital in India...

STD/ISD for the longest time was “sexually transmitted disease, Indian sexual diseases” (and local), satisfaction guaranteed… until I figured out it was meant for local phone calls.

So the ‘Closed’ sign in India is “System Failure.” At Kovalem Beach, Kerala, India:

The receipt book at Leo's Restaurant, Kovalem Beach... Dare I come back?

@ the Mango Masala stand on the beach

You have to pay to pee

Veli Lake: Another Pay to Pee Station

I’m still outraged by the fact that bathrooms suck. There’s no toilet paper and there’s a surcharge to relieve the bladder. Why not find a quiet bush and do your business there?!


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