Yummmpop Quotables

While in India, I found some notable quotes, food quotes. A devout foodie, I will live by these religiously. Humor yourself, tickle your insides with these playful words of wisdom.

All Spice/Supreme Bakery

One of my top picks for dessert and tasty old-fashioned American food, be it cake, mousse, ice cream, burgers, pizza, or sandwiches. The best twist to food in India, no matter how Americanized it truly is, is chicken and mutton. No pork. Minimal beef. Just the things that go “Cluck Cluck” and “Baa Bahh.” Healthier and in smaller portions, chicken and lamb are widespread and delectable. Clean and retro, with modern American music playing in the background, All Spice was the place to sit back and dine comfortably. Add to that, several clever insights on food:

  • “Love and Food are best when they are fresh.” ~ Love can be everlasting, but not food… Food has a finite lifetime, but love can be forever, like diamonds. Food can be promiscuous, but love? Sure thing, take a look at American reality TV and now-trashy MTV … But then again, I wouldn’t call that junk love either. One-night stands and hook-ups (whatever that means, I still don’t understand) – seriously, that’s not love. That’s just pure stupidity, desperation, and trash. There are many combinations, spices, methods of preparation, ethnic culinary flares for food, but how about love? You can find one true love, perhaps after some boyfriend/girlfriend hopping or interracial mingling, but you can’t settle on one favorite food, or can you? I know I can’t. I still can’t decide on whether my favorite should be sushi & sashimi, ddukboke, bibimbap, omelets, dumplings, gelato, pho, pesto alfredo pasta, veggie supreme pizza, pineapple cakes, almond tofu, etc… my list can go on.
  • “I asked the waiter, ‘Is this milk fresh?’ He said, ‘3 hours ago it was grass.'” – Phyllis Diller ~ Million dollar answer!
  • “Spice is life. It depends upon what you like… Have fun with it. Yes food is serious, but you should have fun with it.”
  • “Diet is a selection of food that makes other people lose weight.” ~ROFL

Yea... No Diet Here: Sloppy Joe Burger... Kind of Clean and Healthy =)

Indian style pizza: Chicken Murgh Makhni; Some Angry Italians in the House?

Tropical Sundae Swirl: Psychedelic!

Cafe Coffee Day

Word That Brother...

Conveniently located down the street from the Medical College junction, Cafe Coffee Day made me appreciate cocoa beans and caffeine. Tell me the decorative quotes on the violet walls don’t sway you one bit?!

  • “Chat, Drink, & Be Merry!”
  • “Great Minds Drink Alike”
  • “Spill the Details”
  • “Perfect”
  • “A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee”


I like to equate Cafe Coffee Day with Starbucks, but with several added features: chicken tikka and paneer tikka sandwiches plus other Indian-inspired add-ons, iced or hot coffee decorated with whip and plenty of sugar, and much much more. Tell me you’re not in love with coffee after hearing these titillating titles: Kaapi Nirvana, Devil’s Own, Mochachillo, Iced Eskimo, Chill-O-Coffee, Tropical Iceberg, Cold Sparkle, and Choco Frappe.

The sweet menu

As nice as Starbucks

Choco-Delight Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream, plus Iced Kaapi Nirvana and Devil's Own

Hungry for Chicken Tikka Sandwich? Oh and have a Hearty Latte too!

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