Why I Like Traveling

2011 has been an intriguing and stupendous year of traveling halfway around the world. I got these inspiring quotes from the Travel & Learning Channel (TLC) and I live by them from now on:

  1. “When you journey there are no strangers.”
  2. “Fun is when you add a bit of extra in ordinary.”
  3. “The more you go out, the more you journey inside yourself.”

From Shanghai’s vibrant city escapades to Beijing’s Great Wall and Great Roasted Duck down to India’s paradise beaches and seaside sharjas, I am lucky to have traveled far and wide to Asia. I love Asia, period. There are many more places to visit: Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Fiji. One place I’d want to live: South Korea. Another place I want to go back to: Taiwan. Where I want to see my dear family: Shanghai. I love discovering culture and food, and hence, this endeared blog and piles of personal journals. I save tickets, brochures, restaurant business cards, and pictures. I want to commit my experiences with the world to memory. One of my biggest fears is memory loss, forgetting loved ones or wonderful places. I get highly meticulous and ambitious when it comes to learning, remembering, and keeping my souvenirs. I do not need glittering crystal glasses of the Oriental Pearl Tower or a traditional Indian dress to make me happy; I am perfectly content with travel brochures of attractions, my tickets to ride an elephant or to climb the Great Wall, personal snapshots of the city’s glories, candy wrappers I received from important people, and food menus of indigenous cuisines. Simple, yet meaningful.


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