First Day in India…

… I moved into my new flat for the next month with the minimal baggage I was carrying, basic travel-sized goods and essentials:  2 blouses, 3 black leggings, 1 PJ coffee colored leggings, 2 NYU T-shirts, 1 tennis T-shirt, 1 blue shirt, 1 light cardigan, 2 long-sleeved shirts to ward off angry mosquitoes, 2 pleasure reads, 1 journal, OFF! bug spray, Neutrogena sunblock, shampoo, conditioner, NYU toothbrush and paste, and such. Unbelievable for a month-long journey, n’est pas?

We arrived at the apartment by 8:00 am and plopped on a bed for a quick nap. I was simply happy to be reclining on a soft, flat surface and not some claustrophobic-inducing plane seat. I suffered through the person in front of me reclining into my personal space, wailing babies, and snoozing unnaturally upright. I’m not like an elephant or cockatoo that can sleep perched and upright.

… AND I fell asleep for 12 hours. I shouldn’t find this surprising anymore, speaking I can fall asleep at any hour, in any setting, in quietude or noise, and for long durations. The last time I pulled a stunt like that, I was jet-lagged from China and slept for 17 hours. This came a close second place in my all-time awkward sleep cycles.

You would think I could not fall asleep later that night. Oh, no no… I still slept that night, albeit uncomfortably. For the next few nights, I was continuously bothered by shadows in the dark room and howling dogs outside. Another day, I woke up in the morning, only to intermittently fall asleep until 5:30 pm. I have a major problem getting too comfortable reclined in a bed, whether it’s just reading or watching dramas or studying… Mauvaise idee! Certainly I’ll never have issues with insomnia or jetlag, since I quickly adjusted and assumed a normal cycle (at least in India) after a bizarre weekend.

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