All American Car-I-Oke

My stint with driving ended today. First year medical school has come to this finale. And I have one more roadside story to share. Promise, this will be my last post on driving. Driving is not truly that special, just that I don’t do it by myself very often.

Yesterday, I was on my way home from the Stony Brook campus. I was bobbing my head and belting aloud to my favorite songs on the radio. I was having my own karaoke party in the car. Sometimes, I roll down the windows for fresh air. Most times, I just want to blast the music and look cool in the car. I probably look like a schizo to ordinary drivers left, right, and up front. But yesterday was a different day with a different audience.

A cop ended up cruising in front of me. That meant I really had to watch how I drove, or else I would have to do some charming with the cop. The last thing I wanted before my summer begins was a mugshot and some explaining to my parents. I kept my distance behind the cop, cruising right along. When I came up to a red light at Smithtown Blvd, I halted behind the cop car. At that time, I was practicing my First Amendment rights to free speech and expression. I was singing to Lifehouse’s “Halfway Gone” on Fresh 102.7, one of my personal favorite alternative songs from America. Ahead, I noticed the cop stretch his blue collar neck and take a peak at his rear view mirror. He was stretching for a good 15 seconds. I believe he thought that I was either 1) talking to myself like a schizo or 2) I was yapping away at my cell phone. For the former, he’d think I was a crazy girl on the roads. For the latter, he could write me up a ticket for violating the New York State law against cell phone use in a motor vehicle. When he decided I was safe and sane, just an energized chanteuse, he went back to focusing on the stale red light.

Happy driving indeed… I’m not afraid to express the diva in me once in a while, when I’m by myself in a car. If I’m in the company of my dad, sister, or a random friend, I’d only distract myself from the road by singing AND carrying on a conversation so as not to bore out any brains. Next time, I’ll have to include the strobe lights, microphone, and Sex on the Beach. Scratch the last one, that’ll definitely get me arrested. That’ll just have to be served at K-One Karaoke next time I go. Or any other karaoke bar that can cater to my amateur musical side =)

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