Mad Movie Marathon…

Friday, April 23, 2011:  Homeward Bound

It was a 14+ hour ride from Shanghai to the Land of the Free. It was so uncomfortable to sleep or sit still. I was preparing for another dreadful Delta ride. Except, it was not as terrible as I anticipated. First, I had a stranger to talk to next to me (we were all randomly assigned seats in different locations). I was wondering if I would get a HOG next to me (aka Hot Oriental Guy) to chat up a storm, but I was content with the company of a naïve girl leaving Tong Lian for the first time to attend college in Texas. Her name was Bei Li, the way she described it was like the Bei in Baby and Li  as in ‘beautiful.’ Lacking much English skills, she was nervous leaving her family behind and going to school in America. Luckily, I whipped out my bilingual skills and chatted about America and life. I helped with some translations and any questions she had. Second, I was super-excited to see a mini-TV in front of me. No more stretching my neck like a giraffe and cursing out tall people sitting in front of me. I get to lay back and watch movies and enjoy the plane ride!!! And that was what I did! Since I could not sit and sleep at the same time, I might as well embark on a movie marathon. I watched Love in Disguise, When Harry Met Sally, Babies, A Woman-A Gun-A Noodle Shop, and Detective Dee, quite a random array of Blockbusters, don’t you think? Now, that’s how you roll on a long, noisy plane ride.

I was thoroughly entertained with my movie marathon, interspersed with periods of snoozing to Taeyang, K-pop shuffle, Jay Chou, and JJ Lin =D  I watched 戀愛通告 Lian Ai Tong Gao (Love in Disguise) because the protagonist was Wang Lee Hom, my long-time idol. It came out last summer, a combination of modern love, musical talents, and comedy. Aside from looking at Du Ming Han’s pretty face, I enjoyed the traditional Chinese music played on unique instruments like the gu zheng and er hu. DMH is a famous pop singer, but he is entranced by a simple girl. He reduces himself down to a funky hobo to pursue his love at first sight.  The commoner girl, played by Liu Yi Fei, is naïve, musically talented and passionate. Soulmates? Truly love at first sight? Perhaps… Their first encounter and everlasting love is marked with her words: “除了你什麼都沒看到 - Chu le ni she me dou mei kan dao” … or “Except for you, I don’t see anything else.” And the pestering paparrazi at the end, “Just let them be…” That’s the attitude, for anyone who gets in your way!

I finally watched my When Harry Met Sally, with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. Classic romance comedy involving more destined love. I had to see the famous orgasm scene, shot at Katz’s Delicatessen in Manhattan, which I had the pleasure to eat the signature pastrami and corned beef sandwiches. I can’t say I got a sandwich-induced orgasm that Friday afternoon, but I did get a kick out of Harry and Sally’s encounter.

Next I saw Babies, a documentary that I’ve been dying to see since last year. It was mostly silent, where most of the focus were on the giggling, kicking babies! It was a titillating experience watching the lives of babies from Africa (Ponijao), Japan (Mari), Mongolia (Bayar), and San Francisco (Hattie), beginning from. My favorites were hands down, Mari and Hattie, such cheek-pinching CUTEness exuding from their smiles and laughs! Some memorable baby moments:

– Hattie bouncing in her, well, bouncy baby chair; Hattie peeling and eating a banana, the spitting out the end stems and long, white veins.

– Mari looking like any cute Asian baby; Mari rolling on the carpet, crying alone and bumping from wall to wall over toys, and herself.

– Bayar sitting around butt-naked, with animals coming after him; Bayar bundled in his baby jumpsuit, completely stiffened like a cast; Bayar getting bullied by older brother (not funny, but he made it look irresistibly cute); Bayar ruling and looking the part of King of the Mongolian Deserts, wind blowing is mane; Bayar taking a bath in a bucket, and a goat comes to drink the water.

– Ponijao, in the opening scene, arguing and bitch-slapping and getting hit back by another African baby.

And then I cut the cuteness with several random, stupid Asian movies, A Woman, A Gun, A Noodle Shop and Detective Dee.  The former was a dumb movie about a giant gun, adultery, revenge, and betrayal. The latter featured Andy Lau. Automatically, I assumed anything with Andy Lau would be good. Au contraire! Come on, the movie started off with a master suddenly combusting into fire under the sun, in a giant Buddha statue’s eye! I never finished it because the plane was landing. Oh well, no loss there!


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