Cheng Huang Miao 城隍庙: City of Gods

Thursday, April 21, 2011: Cheng Huang Miao 城隍庙 (City Temple God)

Cheng Huang Miao 城隍庙

After savoring in Xiao Jiu Ma’s breakfast medley, it was time to hit the streets of Shanghai. Up next on our agenda was 城隍庙 Cheng Huang Miao, a popular shopping area situated in the “old” city of Shanghai’s Pu xi 浦西 (West of Huang Pu Jiang). Ancient temples topped with sharp-angled roofs shooting up to the sky were dispersed across the area. Red, lacquered balconies lined the old-style buildings. Pavilions, teahouses, restaurants, and shops created the heart of Cheng Huang Miao’s attraction and adventure. Minus the crowded side streets and alleys, the architecture was absolutely breathtaking and the shopping experience was thrilling.

Teahouse for the morning cup o' tea

Starbucks got stuck in old Shanghai

Pavilions, Water fountains, Greenery

Goldfish 金魚

Dragons rule!

And of course, the slew of family pictures to remember this cultural excursion, at least for the Yu-family. Qing Qing and Xiao Chen came along for the journey through their own hometown…

Xiao Chen, Kai-Li, Qing Qing, Ka-nee

I love this angle

Two sisters and Xiao Chen

With the Mama

Yu Family

Like playing with fire ~~


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