A Royal Wedding the Whole World Has Been Waiting For

Imagine having the whole world watch you marry the man of your dreams. Well, today, April 29, London catered to the royal wedding of the century, the union between Kate Middleton and Prince William. It’s a real fairy tale come true, a ‘commoner’ falls in love and marries her prince since the beginning of their relationship at St. Andrews University.

Like any teenage girl, I had a crush on Prince William: tall, handsome, royal, charming, and intelligent. In recent years, I was appalled to see how old he’s gotten. He has a young face, but he is definitely losing his hair. When I was talking about Prince William with my family in China, I joked that Prince William was ‘te ding’ with a Shanghainse dialect. Ask me to say it for you I will… My cousin said to me, “WHOA, you said it so perfectly! Your Shanghainese is so accurate surprisingly.” Why thank you, I have to give credit to Mom for bursting out in Shanghainese every day and I am super-absorbant. Anyway, the phrase basically means he’s balding and he has receding hairline, and the guy’s barely 30. Take a close look at his head and you’ll notice his middle part is going, going fast.

But Kate has managed to remain flawless and perfect for her age. Kate Middleton is my style icon. She exudes confidence, beauty, maturity, and charisma. She always seems relaxed and happy, composed even before the mad paparazzi.  The epitome of professionalism and beauty is depicted below, where I’ll be getting my fashion tips from:

I have a weakness for celebrity gossip. And I fell victim to the gossip and online photos surrounding the impending wedding. This morning, Kate Middleton wed her beloved Prince William at Westminster Abbey, a historic (and haunted) church in London. I followed the bombardment of CBS HD footages in my mailbox, beginning with the arrival of Prince William and his man of honor, brother Prince Harry. William was decked out in his red uniform, his brother in a black military uniform. Next, I saw Prince Charles (still not King yet) and his wife, Camilla (still an unbearable witch in many hearts) sporting a pompous hat. Then there was Queen Elizabeth in a soft yellow piece, looking as happy as any dear grandmother would be. Finally, Kate Middleton in a stunning, intricate white lace and well-cut V-neck dress by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. It was strikingly fitting and gorgeous, both conservative and elegant. A smooth veil came down her face and her long dress moved swiftly with her delicate walk. She is a natural princess, posing, waving, and smiling at all the right angles and at the right times. She is befitted to be the Queen of England one day.

Guests included the young and old, mobs of British netizens, famous celebrities like Posh Spice and David Beckham and Elton John, and members of the royal family. The procession went beautifully forward, Kate arm-in-arm with her father. When they exchanged vows, you could see the love between them; so romantic. After their ‘marriage,’ it was time to depart the church, hand-in-hand finally as husband and wife after 10  years. The procession was slow and sweet, the iconic modern day fairy tale come true. Then came the traditional couple carriage ride and finally, the balcony kiss. The only live part I caught was this morning at 8:31 am (lol, my birthday time) was the balcony kiss, while I was in Immunology lecture. Yes, I was on Google, and then I caught my gossip end of the homepage with Entertainment Tonight HD streaming the Royal Wedding live. The devil in me ignored the lecture on T-cell and B-cell diversity and started streaming the wedding. Ah, it was so serene and romantic. Now we have ourselves Duke William and Duchess Catherine Middleton of Cambridge; what happened to Prince and Princess? I mean, the lady has a glittering tiara atop her head!  But tradition is tradition, grandmother knows best and bestowed dukedom to the royal couple. Fair enough, it’s a higher title that goes back to old royal days.

Why did I get caught in this whirlwind of worldwide gossip? How did I get sucked in with the entire world on this Royal Wedding?! I cannot say I didn’t enjoy following the news and watching the magnificent wedding unravel!

Let’s hope their marriage will stay happy and everlasting, and the papparazzi will tame themselves several notches down. Can’t wait to see their little darlings!


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