Central Perks

Last stop on Saturday: Central Park. Living in Manhattan for 4 years, I only made occasional trips to Central Park. I’ve been skating, hanging out at the park, and that’s about it… 4 trips tops. I never really walked around, mainly because I did not want to go that far uptown and pay for a measly subway ticket. But I walked around that Saturday, and it was relaxing. I love the outdoors, whether it’s the beach, the park, the backyard, or the backyard of the HSC at Stony Brook. I like walking the streets on a cool, sunny day. It’s exercise, but a productive one. I end up shopping or browsing clothing/shoe stores for the latest fashion deals. Here’s a storybook snapshot of my stroll through Central Park:

Horse rides

Seal sniffing its behind at the wildlife area

Budding Cherry Blossums

The Mall... It's like a Walk to Remember

Bubble Show

One of the nicer lakes


























One of the nicer lakes











Duckies' matey










I love dogs! There were so many pooches on the roam

Another happy little pup










A Spanish music video was being shot

This was the singer... he just sat by the lake and stared off ... I bet he was cold too.

A drowning fish

We had a cute little boy waddle around us... ADORABLE


Reflections on the water

A creek, and more dogs


Chow time at the Shake Shack

Shack Burger


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