Lost And Found

I have a tendency to get lost and found. I’ve ‘lost’ my school ID countless times, but I always manage to find it again. Looking back, I think I would win an award for Most-Likely-To-Lose-An-ID-and-Not-Pay-For-It over my 4 years in college. I may have blogged about the 10 times I pulled hairs hunting for my ID in every crack of New York City, but here’s a recap of the memorable ones.

1) Freshman year, April-May 2007: I strolled to Starbucks on W. 4th Street looking forward to a Tall Vanilla Frap. Except, I couldn’t pay for it without my ID. I frantically retraced my steps, staring at the ground for the golden plastic. Before walking to Starbucks, I was at the Bookstore, where I last used it. Somewhere in between, I lost my ID, but I couldn’t find it! In my head, I’m thinking, “I’m barely done with Freshman year, and I have to pay for a new ID?” Then I spotted the garbage can. I remembered chucking my receipt. Dumb me, I chucked my ID with the receipt and walked away. The problem was, there was no open hole over the garbage; it was one of those covered ones with side-openings. You guessed it, I had to sneak my hand in from the sides and feel through the trash for the purple plastic. You know how in movies, people drop a wedding ring or precious ticket into the smelliest holes and have to retrieve it without losing it further down the drain? Well, that was what I was doing. I would’ve cried if my ID fell deeper into the trash because my arms would be the limiting step in retrieving my ID. In the end, I succeeded.

2) Sophomore Year, Palladium hall: I lost my ID in my own dorm room. This time, I wasn’t like a search dog sniffing a trail or a child following jellybeans back to Neverland. It had to be somewhere in my room. I scrambled through my desk and room, to no avail. The last place I was at, was the kitchen. Next stop, the kitchen… Not on the floor, not in the oven, not in the fridge or sink… I opened my cabinet, and there it was, hanging out with my clean dishes. My smiling face in that picture said to me, “Hehehe, you idiot. You forgot me in the cabinet idioto.” Damn…

3) Junior Year: Again, I lost my ID somewhere in my dorm room. This time, I lived in a giant sorority-like suite, a much bigger place to scavenge my ID. My room was tiny, but I turned it over like flipping pancakes for breakfast. Nowhere on my desk, not in the bathroom, not on the ground… NOWHERE. That meant I couldn’t leave my room either, because I wouldn’t be able to get back in without my ID card-key. I think I was going to hang out with a friend that day or something. Well, a few hours later, exhausted from my hunt, I gave up. I knew it was somewhere, but just not presently. I went to grab my jeans hanging over my bedpost, and I heard a “click” on the floor. It was my ID! No, it didn’t fall out of my pockets (I checked there already); it fell out of my cuffed jeans! It was folded at the bottom because all my pants are way too long for a shorty like me. Somehow, it lodged in the cuff and stayed there. Stupid.

4) Senior Year, NYU Bus: This one was just bad. I took the bus uptown to the medical center for work. I had my ID in my back pocket of my jeans. I usually kept my ID in pockets because at NYU, you always flash your ID wherever you go: the dorms, library, school, bus, etc… It’s just easier pulling it out of your pants than your pocket-book. Well, I guess when I got up to leave, the ID fell out of my butt pocket. I didn’t realize until later in the day. It was bound to happen; the pockets are not a safe place to secure your ID. I made it back downtown, ran all over the Physics building and Public Safety for over an hour, at the same time retracing all my steps and thinking of all the possible places God wanted to punish me at. By nightfall, maybe 6-7 pm, I make it my last stop at Tisch Hall, by the bus stop. I was pretty down, because I was also locked out of own dorm. I couldn’t swipe into my dorm OR room; I would have to pray someone was home to let me in. I also had a back up Medical Center ID to gain access through the hidden passageways of Palladium (I lived there too long). Anywho, I walked up to the security at the desk and asked nicely if he found an ID recently. He asked for name and blah blah. Then, I believe he said, “You live in Palladium?!” I lit up: “Yea, YOU FOUND MY ID?@!” I was jumping up in joy.

Lesson learned by Senior Year: Hole punch your ID and lock it to your keychain lanyard. That way, it’s bulky and noisy. When you drop it, it’ll make plenty of clinks and chimes. The downside: You just may lose every precious key, club cards, other IDs (I also attached my med center ID there too), and childhood decoration. It worked though.

I also lost my medical center ID one time. I was walking through the cafeteria after work in the lab, and when it came time to pay up, my ID was gone. I swore, it was clipped to my pants and I JUST HAD IT. It was lost somewhere in the cafeteria, but I still tried retracing my steps and asking the employees for help. Nada. It just… vanished! Luckily, my volunteer supervisor was kind enough to issue me a new ID at no charge. I worked too hard as a volunteer there, so he may have taken some mercy with me =) Either way, I liked my new hospital ID; it was clearer and newer, and the camera caught my more glamorous side. I still have it as a souvenir.

The only time I got a new NYU ID card was when it started deactivating and when the school thought I was graduating Junior year. Again, I liked my newer ID better; I had more color to my cheeks and vigor to my eyes.

Now the real story, a new cycle at Stony Brook. Back in the fall, I told my story of losing my ID. I dropped it in school somewhere, but retraced all the way around lecture rooms and halls. Turned out I dropped it during a club meeting, where it fell from my shirt. Now, just 2 weeks ago, I lost my ID AGAIN. This time, I went almost 5 days without an ID, hoping I could ponder where I left it last and if a good samaritan would return it. I was at dance practice in the Galleria, and I distinctly remember putting my ID and pink pencil case into my tote bag. Later on, it just vanished without a trace! I scrambled around my room, went all over the HSC, went down to the housekeeping offices, and sent out an embarassing email “Hello everyone, If anyone finds a baby pink pencil case with a bunny that says ‘play with me’ in the galleria, please let me know! I left it there after the AE practice! =(“ The pencil case was, dispensible, because I easily replaced all my colored pens and case (Yes, I hoard pens of every color and texture). Later that Monday, I sent a similar one with my ID, making it a point that it was one of a kind with a purple casing (the little bit of NYU pride I have left).

Well, it was in my friend’s car the entire time. She gave me a ride back, and somewhere on the road, my bag fell over and a few of my most precious contents fell under the seat. The first time she checked, she didn’t see it. That was because my card and case were nestled deeper under the seat, rolling almost to the back seats. Ah, I was so happy; I really didn’t want to pay 25 bucks for a new ID, when I knew it was just SOMEWHERE waiting to be found.

Found for Good

Today, I found something else, my old NYU ID. I’ve been looking for this baby since September, when I was going back to college to visit some friends and needed it for access to facilities. I got away with my Medical Center ID, but I still missed my NYU card. I mean, I have a whole history with it, swiping me everywhere and losing it anywhere. I gave up on my search months ago, because I really have no business with an expired school card. Not like I have that much time to visit NYU anyway. I was content believing I dropped my ID back in the summer, when I was working at a local recreation camp. Then, I had my ID still with my car keys; I have my key chain it was on, albeit the purple ID card. Hence, I believed I dropped it in some parking lot and rammed over it with my car. But I had that nagging feeling that it was just SOMEWHERE, waiting to be found again. During a study break, I sat on the floor and rummaged through my treasure bag of memories, mostly stuff from college and old pictures and decorations. I opened one set of pictures, and I spied a familiar piece of plastic… MY NYU ID. A happy ending indeed. That was the story I wanted to gush out today =P

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