24 Hour Food Coma: It’s Possible

My friends and I went for a lunch buffet at the Curry Club in East Setauket. It started with my friend’s Facebook post: “Craving Indian food.” I responded, “Next Friday, let’s hit an Indian joint!” And then my other friend responded to my response, “I’m coming along!” The trail of posts exploded like a nuclear reaction, and over 10 of us came along for the ride, to the Curry Club.

The lunch special is amazing. It’s a lunch buffet for about $10, and it’s luscious, cheesy, mushy, colorful, and satisfying Indian dishes. I personally love the basmati rice, the chicken tandoori, the paneer cheese that amazingly does not melt, the chickpeas, the curry sauce, and of course, the NAAN. Oy, it was delectable! I had two plates of food and I was knocked senseless. Laughing became a painful effort. Oh dear, and then I still had class.

Guess what happened in school? That’s right, I passed out like a newborn baby. On top of that, I was so full, I kept burping and one instance, it was a pretty loud expulsion. My friends down the row all heard and giggled heartily. I think a few guys up front turned around too; not sure if it was the burp or the laughter actually. Anyway, I apologize for my unladylike inclinations today.

So I have not eaten since that wonderful lunch after a rather depressing quiz on chronic renal failure and kidney physiology. Damn the kidneys, why are there two of you with too many twists and loops, plus a ditch full of systemic complications. After snoozing in class, I did some printing, studying in the undergraduate library, and more sleeping. I can fall asleep just about anywhere, anytime, and any stimulation: noise, lights, music, silence, storms, fights, parties, etc… One thing that will keep me from sleeping is not having a blanket, even in 80 degree weather. I need that comfort, warmth, and sense of security. Or I’m just like Linus and his baby blue blanket.

Even after a hip hop dance class, I’m still not hungry. I made my signature peanut butter and cream cheese sandwich that just got squashed in my backpack today. And I’m still full. Which means, good cuisine does a good job knocking my body out of whack. After a night’s sleep, I will have fallen into a 24 food coma. How wonderful…


2 thoughts on “24 Hour Food Coma: It’s Possible

  1. So the one thing that keeps you from sleeping is not having a blanket? Does it become a hassle having to carry around that blanket with you everywhere you go? d=

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