Prescription: The Sun and Pill

Yes, I got prescribed some sun and pills for my recurrent Vitamin D deficiency. Last time it happened, it was senior year in college. I had to take these green gel pills concentrated with D3. See here’s my problem: 1) I don’t like the sun, 2) I hide from the sun, behind layers of oily sunblock or a fashionable umbrella, and 3) I neglect to consume my dairy.

So I thought I was changing my ways this year, when I made sure I drank my low fat milk and heartily ate my yogurt parfaits with fruit and ice cream. That is, until I went for a check up recently and my dad called for my blood work. It revealed very bad news, worse than last time, that I was severely Vitamin D deficient. I got a call from my mom today, and she went on this whole lecture about how I’m so young and already in danger of osteoporosis and bone fractures. She thinks I’m dieting too much or something, that I’m cutting too much food out of my daily meals. Then she went on to talk about babies, how if this keeps up, I’ll be giving birth to a baby with ‘soft bones,’ or rickets is what she probably meant. The thing is, I feel fine. I’m not cutting THAT much food out of my daily diet. I get around fine, I exercise daily, I don’t have syncope spells (fainting), I can think straight and study long hours, I sleep fine (maybe a little too much even), etc…

And yet, the easiest prescription is simply… soak in the sun. Technically, 15 minutes of sun exposure is enough Vitamin D for the year, and Americans who LOVE getting orange and wrinkly never have to face this problem. Instead, they increase their risk for skin cancers, making Vitamin D deficiency seem like a poke in the tummy. Now I’m back on the pill, that is the green-gelatinous-mega-D3 pill. Great, for someone who hates taking medications over natural healing and who will be writing prescriptions for future patients, I have to take these dumb drugs because I can’t get a grip of a balanced diet or the sun. Bah…


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