My New Love

… is this soy protein drink called Bolthouse’s Vanilla Chai Tea. I stopped by Waldbaum’s one afternoon stroll and picked up this drink in the vegetable/fruit section. It was rather random, because I try not to drink fruit juices or juices in general. It’s healthier to eat the fruit packed with fiber and drink less sugary beverages. However, when there’s ‘Soy’ stamped on the front, that changes my habits. Even the color was enticing me, calling out “Try Me!!! Buy Me!!!” It’s like mocha-colored, and automatically, I associate the beverage with classic Starbucks goodness: sugary, but heavenly. Once in a while, I break my healthy habits and indulge in a tall Caramel Macchiato with whip cream and sugar =) For a hefty $6.99 per bottle, I better get my buck’s worth of satisfaction.

Anyway, I came home and poured myself half a cup of this Vanilla Chai Tea soy drink. It’s low-fat, only 160 calories and 25 g of carbohydrates (mostly sugar of course), for a serving size of 8 fl. oz. Except there was one little problem: over my girly excitement, I forgot I have a soy allergy. Because once I gulped down the smoothie, I started experiencing this warm, itching feeling along my throat. I didn’t drink too much, otherwise, I would’ve blown up with red ‘bubbles’ around my mouth and swollen throat. Darn you histamine!

Anywho, I’m alive and well. I limit my intake of soy, to my dismay now because I’ve grown into enjoying soybeans, tofu, and soy drinks like these. Give it a try, it’s rather heavenly. I’m not going to overdose on this soy drink, or else I really will end up ‘heavenly.’


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