Saturday Morning Spinning

This morning, I tried spinning for the first time. Yes, it’s a beautiful Saturday morning, a day to bum on bed and roll around for hours. I slept off a moderate headache last night, and after a solid 9 hours of beauty rest, I was ready to kick-start the day at the gym.

My friend and I have made it a plan to do some intense spinning since the start of the semester, but things got in the way. Classes filled up quickly or I had dance practices, bleh blah. Saturday is a good day to rewind, especially after a week of classes, dances, ping pong whoopings, and good burgers. Instead of reading about cardio (ahem, cardiovascular system and associated pathologies), I was itching to do the cardio.

Boy it was intense. I chugged down a whole bottle of water in one session. The resistance increases, but you have to keep moving. Funny how I’m talking resistance in spinning, when all week I’ve been hearing resistance changes relative to blood vessels and flow through the vasculature, in relation to cardiac pathology… Anyway, a few times, when I was getting tired, my ‘taps’ right (bumping up the resistance) went in the opposite direction, on purpose. Then as I got used to the rhythm and resistance, I took on the challenge and pushed to the end. I was consistently within the range of the cadences and pushed through the speed and hill portions. I tried dancing to the music as well, swaying the hips and stretching the core. I felt good and energized by the finish line. I was surprised I was not too sweaty, but I think that was because, lucky me, I had the fan blasting on full power behind me. One 60 minute session, burns up to 450 calories… wow. I’m going to do this more often, as a stress-reliever, calorie-burner, AND leg-toner. I’m waiting for this afterburn and leg cramping, speaking I just recovered from major bumps and bruises after some fast and furious stumbling down the snowy slopes.

Now, headaches gone, energy boosted, and body riding high on endorphins, I will shower and study. And maybe stomp, step, clap, and jump around in my room for the hell of it. Then top off my dinner with carb-o-philic Japanese ramen noodles with vegetables/egg.


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