Bollywood Boppin’

Today, I joined the Bollywood Dance crew for the upcoming medical school events (Evening of the Arts, Asian Extravaganza). I have no experience in dance whatsoever, so I was learning 2 weeks worth of dance routines plus new stuff.

There was so much booty shaking and hip wagging. I feel my left hip getting stronger with each swag. Then there’s this one part where I feel an abdominal workout, just like in those exercise videos with the leg-ups and wide hand motions. I’m trying to perfect the “Egyptian,” the “hip bop,” the “chicken dance,” and all the graceful arm moves. Dancing is so much fun AND I get a rush of energy.

And then I negated my workout with another Chinese New Year celebration dishout: my signature sesame noodles, some bok choy, homemade bubble tea, RICE, beef stir fry, dumplings, sushi rolls, eggplant, and other American dishes.


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