An O-mazing Gasm

I just had an O-mazing Gasm, the sandwich I mean.

It’s at the Se-Port Deli in East Setauket, and my friend brought me there. It’s like, an initiation rite to be her friend AND a Long Islander. I should’ve been studying, but I was tempted. I give in to temptation way too easily. I was also at the gym for an hour, spinning around on the elliptical and burning off my stress. I figured I could treat myself to a little something special. Classic, but good junk food.

So this sandwich is epic. It’s breaded chicken, mozzerella, and bacon, all drizzled in this oozing Russian white sauce and smushed between toasted garlic bread. This is like a large sandwich, maybe not as long as the Subway foot-long, but sizeable nevertheless. Served with cole-slaw and lonely pickle, the sandwich was amazing. I finished half, and saved the rest for lunch tomorrow. It’s going to be a Gasm lunch with my friend tomorrow. There will be jealous classmates, doctors, and other fellow onlookers at the hospital =P

I’m in a food coma now. That’s not good, because I tend to go nappies and not wake up until class starts. I’m waiting for the heart attack to happen.


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