With a Lincoln, I Made 8 Bucks in 5 Minutes

While I waited to begin my first clinical session, I wandered around the hospital atrium. I walked by the gift shop and saw the sign for the “New York Lottery.” I guess my Asian genes called to me, because I did what my dad has been doing for the past 20+ years since my haploid days. Yes, I bought my first lottery ticket since freshman year of college. I wanted to try my luck and pop out some gold, and hopefully get myself my dream car, a lime green Voltswagon Beetle.

I strolled in with my white coat and pink stethoscope. I guess I confused the volunteers at the cash register a little bit: What on earth is a resident/young doctor coming in for a lottery ticket???. The manager there told the young girl behind the counter, “Make sure you check their IDs. If you sell to an underage, you can get a fine of $1500.” I looked up, “Oh, do you want my ID?” They laughed, and the guy said, “Oh, no it’s okay…” and made it a point he noticed my professional attire and that I was clearly over 21. Hm, I just realized, I’m still 22. I felt like I’ve been legal for the longest time, but really, I’m still a duckling. The patient I saw later on shook my hand and complimented, “Oh, you look so young dear.” Gee, I guess I’m relatively ripe and fresh; I just hope medical school won’t age me 10 years in a span of of 4 =/

So I randomly bought a $2 scratch-and-win for kicks, Lemon Twist. I scratched three cherries in a row, and proceeded to find out how much I won… $5. I walked back to the gift shop, “Hello, can I redeem here?” The girl ringed me up and happily told me I won $5. I threw in my chances and asked to just use my measly winnings for another scratch-and-win. This time, it was Millionaire Match or something. I scratched my ‘winning numbers’ and went on to scratch the rest of the board… Needless to say, I won again. This time… $10! I bounced back to the gift shop for the third time. I swear, this whole episode was comical for me and the volunteers at the store. The girl was like, “Back again?” Yes I was back again, for the third time. She must’ve thought I had a gambling problem or I was a doctor preferred scratch-and-win games over patients’ lives. But I was done, because I had to finally meet my partner and preceptor.

My net earnings today = 8 bucks.

Funny thing, there’s a number behind the game cards under the bold print, “Do you have a gambling problem?… Call now.” Not like I do, I just like to have some kinks and giggles here and there.


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