Peek A Boo

We all remember this child’s play. Do it to babies and they’re all drools and giggles… that’s right, it’s peek-a-boo!

For the last day of Neuro class, we learned about the cerebral cortex. In children, the frontal cortex is not fully developed yet and they fail to understand the concept of object permanence. That is, they fail to grasp the concept that objects still exist even after they are not seen. I played this game with my little sister while we were growing up together. I’d hide myself behind my hands and then my face ‘magically’ jumps out from between. Oh, it was so cute to titillate my sister like that.

Anyway, what’s the point of my blog? Oh yes, my Neuro professor warned us NOT to google “peek-a-boo.” The most innocent image was this…

Awww, how adorable…. =P How can Google top THIS cuteness with not-so-innocent images?!


One thought on “Peek A Boo

  1. Didn’t your professor ever watch Inception and learn not to say “never do this” because you’ll end up doing it just out of curiosity? Speaking of Inception… GO WATCH IT!!!!!

    Now you made me google “peek-a-boo.” AHH MY VIRGIN EYES!!!! YOU’VE RUINED ME!!!!

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