Snow Days

Mile High Snow

January has been a blessed month. The amount of snow that has befallen Long Island has been phenomenal. Looking out my window at the heavy flurries and the final calm the next morning has been picturesque and pretty. Actually trudging through the snow in leaky rainboots and along dirty roads is not so much a fun thing to do.

Seriously, there has been way too much snow this month. Just two days ago, there’s a good 8-10 inches around Stony Brook. Lucky for us medical students, we still get snow days! Yes, back in my childhood, I would get all excited when snow days rolled in and I could chill in my warm house for the day. I’m 22 now, a doctor-to-be, and nothing has changed.

Honestly, it is rather epic that I have had 2 snow days in one month. Back in NYU, snow days were rarely given, even with heavy storms and snowy, slushy roads. While every other city school closed for the day, NYU never gave us that bubbling pleasure, until finally my senior year. It went down in NYU history to have this ONE snow day. I believe it was a very bad March Wednesday. I just camped out in my dorm, in my PJs and TV, and enjoyed being stranded =)

Anyway, I still get all giddy over snow days, because I can sleep in, eat Ramen to my heart’s content, and … study my brains out for Neuroscience. Again, the feeling of being trapped by Mother Nature never felt so good. I do have to keep in mind that when I become a resident and much later, a doctor, there are no such things as snow days. Yes, we get a blessed break with cancelled classes and extra sleep, but in the future, patients will await us. The hospital NEVER closes, and duty does call. Now, I’m going to continue savoring my snow break and return to sensory/ motor tracts and staring at blobs and wrinkles as more snow befalls lonely Stony Brook…

One thought on “Snow Days

  1. You’re still a student, so I guess you’re still allowed to get all excited. If I were still in school, I’d get mad excited too, but now snow just means I gotta walk through a bunch of slush to get to work.

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