8 Pack Abdominal Rectus??

I like my daily dose of Asian gossip. I ended up on cpopaccess.com, and found this as one of the most recent posts, while I should be paying attention to this vision lecture, stranded at school…


Who is this Vanness Wu 吳建豪? He’s one of those ABCs (American Born Chinese) who made it big in Taiwan. He’s 32, but he still looks like a pretty boy (in Chinese we say, “小白臉”). I love this quote during his live video chat last year: “Asian men age like fine wine~”  I like that… Well, flashback 10 years, he looked like a mafia man with a goatee and greasy long hair and party animal by night, but he’s sharpened up in recent years. I first noticed this guy in the 2009 Taiwanese drama, Autumn’s Concerto 下一站,幸福. 他很帥! His lead acting in the drama was phenomenal, speaking his Mandarin is not perfect (like all ABCs) and this was his first big drama. His singing is relatively okay, as he is not the next generation Jacky Cheung, but his dancing is AMAZING. Hence, you see the results of all that iron-pumping and sweat sessions.

But now I’m wondering, do 8 packs exist??? After anatomy, I’m pretty sure the rectus abdominis only comes in a 6-pack… Perhaps this Vanness Wu is a genetic mutation, a beautiful mutant with specialized abdominal muscles and amazing metabolism =P



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