My Mom (Almost) Reported Me Missing…

Seriously. The one day I forget my phone on my bed, mommy dearest had to call 40 times!!!

Okay, I was super tired last night after some Hoochi Sushi (a play on Hoshi Sushi). I felt like a granny, going for a nap at 9pm. Well, naps never stay naps for me, no matter how long you leave the lights on or the music. No, I kept ignoring my alarm and popping back on my pillow. Once I go to sleep, I stay asleep until 8-9 hours later. I got NO studying done.

So 7:30 am this morning, I was eating a ballin’ good breakfast after hibernating all night. I was making this amazing cereal concoction with fresh fruits, split between breakfast and lunch. I finished my one slice of bread with avocado relish, lite Havarti cheese, and Tofurkey slices. Very healthy… Then I left for school, forgetting my most important personal belonging on my bed like a dummy.

I got back today after another Japanese dinner. I check my phone immediately, because I know the days I leave my phone behind, I have a whole slew of messages and missed calls. Lo’ and behold, I totally did. 40-something messages from dearest mommy, in addition to a couple of texts and G-chat messages. I called back home and mom was like [in Chinese], “What happened to you this morning? We called at 7:30 am!… Oh so whenever we call, you never feel like picking up or calling back.” I said, “Well, mom, I had to go to school and make breakfast… Yes, sorry mommy dearest, I really did forget my phone and I just got back home now… Yes mommy dearest, I got a ride back… Yes, dad can come by tomorrow to save me from the snowstorm…” Then my sister tells me, “You know, mom was asking how many more hours we had left before we report you missing.” Dude, they called in the morning and at like 5 pm or so, and I called back at 8 pm… Imagine what it would be like if I didn’t get back to them in the next few hours…. Oy. I must attach my Android to my hip or something.


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