Antibiotics and Peanut Butter

I had my first Lifelong Learning session today, on… ANTIBIOTICS. An issue in health care is overprescribing antibiotics for minor issues, like a cough, broken toe, or a stupid cold (which is viral by the way, NOT bacterial). Then we start seeing antibiotic resistance, dependence, and expectation for this ‘magical’ panacea.

So there was this funny cartoon: A rooster crows at the rising sun in the early wee hours… thus the rooster causes the sun to come up.


Now, give the patient a pill and he gets better from a sickness… thus the pill ‘fixes’ the sickness. Replace this ‘pill’ with antibiotics, and that’s what’s happening in the doctor’s office these days.

Here’s the funny analogy the Dr. Viccellio proposed: Patient comes in with a bad cough. Tell the patient to rub peanut butter on his feet 4 times a day. The cough goes away, so by faulty deduction, the peanut butter ‘fixes’ the cough.

Mind you, this entertaining segment came from Harvard Med with residency training in Emergency Med at NYU/Bellevue, the place to be not just because I’m a cheerleader for anything violet and NYU. He added, “… If that works, then we have to get into the type of peanut butter, whether it’s all-natural, Jiffy, organic, or whatnot! The all-natural type will have deer lickings all over!” Lol, I love doctors here at Stony Brook…


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