Instead of Studying…

… I was watching too many movies. I think I get inspired too easily, and that includes watching more movies, particularly American ones. Here’s a snippet of what my long weekend was like:

Oops, I forgot last week when it was only the beginning of my little distraction. With a friend of mine on the big comfy couch, we watched 2 very different movies in one night: To Live (one of those must-watch classic Chinese movies) and The Ugly Truth (Chick flicks is my weakness).

I found out just this weekend that I have a few amazing movie channels, like Encore. I popped a squat Saturday and watched Parenthood (1989), featuring the always-lovable father figure Steve Martin, and Unfaithful (2002) with Diane Lane, Richard Gere, and Olivier Martinez.

Parenthood was entertaining. It was a family-style movie looking into the lives and complications of the big Buckman family. Let’s see what dysfunctions there were…

– A single mom, Helen, raising a rebellious daughter and confused adolescent son. The mom catches her daughter’s racy sex pictures and both begin a heated argument. At one point, she says to her mom, “At least I don’t need a piece of machine to satisfy my pleasures!” or something along those lines. Ouch… Julie, the daughter, runs away, but comes back all distraught over her bumming boyfriend, Tod (Keanu Reeves!!! young and handsome in the olden days!). Except, he’s her husband now. Well, ’til death do them apart.

– Gil (Steve Martin) learns his eldest son has emotional problems in school. In the principal’s office when they learn of their son’s issue, he spits out his wife used to smoke lots of pot, lol.

– One of the kids likes to bang his head, in a bucket, against anything that’ll bounce him back. Gil’s wife Karen remarks at one point: “Oh, he likes to butt his head…”

– Susan, a pretty science teacher, is married to an intelligent and wacky Nathan (Lol, Beauty and the Geek). He wants to focus on their precocious daughter and he believes there’s scientific evidence for an optimal 5-year gap between kids to maintain high cognitive development. However, she really wants another child, so she pokes a hole in the diaphragms.

– Susan shares with Karen her happy memories with Nathan. For instance, she details how when he used to be tense and stressed from research grants and all that science jazz, she used to … relieve him down there while in the car… Well, Karen takes that pointer and tries it with Gil. He says, “GOD, I’m so tense!” and she responds, “You feel tense right now honey?… Maybe I can do something to help you relax~… Oh, I’d like to try =)” [Unbuckles seatbelt and dips on down].  Next thing you know, the car hood is smoking, the tow truck is lifting the front part, and they have some explaining to do for the cops. Gil says, “Show him honey.”

– There’s this Larry, one of them gamblers obsessed with ‘get rich fast’ schemes. He surprises his family with a half-black child named… Cool, the product of a short-lived affair with a Vegas showgirl.

Alright, I don’t know why I watched Unfaithful. I just wanted to fill up the time with a worthy movie, and I at least heard something about this movie. As the title gives it away, it was a racy movie with plenty of sex scenes and inappropriate content. BUT, it was not as bad as the time I watched Lust, Caution on Crunchyroll; that was a traumatic experience >.<

The entire movie, I was cursing out at Connie (no, not at myself for choosing this movie). She had a loving husband, an adorable son, and a good lifestyle. Why did she have to get involved with a younger man who needs to shave and tame his hair? How was she not happy with her marriage? Everything seemed fine! Instead, she had to begin this sexual affair to the point of addiction and lying. *Aish*

Funny thing about this movie. Diane Lane’s character is Constance (Connie). Richard Gere has the same birthday as me (August 31). And Olivier Martinez is French, and I took that language for 7 long years. I notice random connections like these…

Hm, what else did I dabble with: My Sassy Girl (2001), She’s Out of My League, and The Machinist. I have stuff to say about To Live and My Sassy Girl, because I always have something to say about Asian movies and dramas. It’s another weakness of mine.

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