What I Hated the Most?

… The pelvic region and the posterior end. No one liked the pelvic region. There’s too much going on down there, front and back, in too small of a space.  Crus of the *&^#@, arcus tendineus, mesometrium, mesovariam, any reproductive organ with the attachments “ischio,” “bulbo,” or “cavern”- I prayed I wouldn’t have to identify any of those ambiguous parts on the lab practical.

I’m a girl, what more can I say, but I ended up learning more about the male parts way better than the female’s by default of the man-cadaver we had. Ironically, 3 girls and a guy, I wondered if it hit a little too close to home when we studied the male anatomy. Also, when I hitch a ride home late at night, I swear I’m going down a big, dark corpus cavernosum. The quiet, black street feels eerie and endless, like a deep cavern. I must clean up my head of anatomy…


I hated the lower back region; everything looked like a cavern in there. No matter how deep I burrowed my head, ready to tip over with one push, I failed to distinguish the lumbosacral trunk from the obturator artery. The uterus looked like a shriveled balloon. The penis became black and hard like charcoal. The gluteus maximus was a greater battle, because layers of fatty fascia had to be pulled out. Even after that, I was still looking at the butt. Not a very pleasant view to study.

I’m thinking, if only I spent more time enjoying, dissecting, and learning the behind, maybe I could have stomached watching the surgery in the 2009 Dutch movie “The Human Centipede.”


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