A Christmas Wonderland

Winter Wonderland... in the middle of nowhere

It may be a blizzard ending 2010 with a bang, but it’s a beautiful winter wonderland. I have quite a nice view from my living room window: the swirling white puffs of snow from rooftops, the dark blue skies overhanging the island, crystal icicles glistening, the harsh breeze and endless snowfall from up there. Except, the view is better from indoors than having to weather through snowstorm.

I have a love-hate relationship with snow, well precipitation. I love winter and the holiday season, but I do not like getting stuck in storms and slush. Back in college, I walked to school on the city streets. Bundled up in boots, leggings, and puffy coats, I felt like a stuffed animal. Rain was worse, especially in combination with heavy winds. It was a battle between my umbrella and nature. The city streets were dirty and the stroll to school was freezing. When I was prepared for rain, it never happened. When I least expected rain, I forgot or lost my umbrella. Yeah, just my luck right? Snow, however, was a tad better; it was not like hard precipitation striking you down. Snow was more a soft, light touch, and the sight (and walk) was more pleasant. That is, until the white wonderland at Washington Square and Union Square turned into black slush. Nonetheless, snow comes around less often, so I end up appreciating it more especially during the holiday season. It may be a cold winter, but Christmas time makes me warm and fuzzy on the insides. I love the spirit in Manhattan, walking down the middle of shopping districts and seeing extravagant window displays and fashion. Now I’m back in suburban Long Island, I smile at ornate home decorations- Santa Claus riding his reindeers on rooftops, gingerbread men (and women) hanging out, giant snowglobes and little elves frolicking on lawns, and sweet candies flavoring simple homes. Gifts, chocolates, cards, holiday music and movies- all in one festive season; you do not get so much happiness on Independence Day or Easter.

This holiday, I’m glad to be at home. I think it’s terrible that most of my time spent during my past 5 Decembers have been in libraries, freaking over final exams. Yes, final exams up until the day before Christmas Eve, ever since I was a fresh pre-med in college. And clearly, that hasn’t ended in medical school. Anyway, I’m back at home for over a week, before school starts again. For Christmas, my family went out to Best Buffet in Huntington. It was a special day and so much to eat: lobster, filet mignon, Peking duck, sushi & sashimi, seafood & soup, Chinese food, creme-brulee, grass jelly, hot apricot-tapioca soup, yummy desserts etc… a lot of pure Asian heaven.  I was knocked out for the rest of the day.

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