Hell Amidst Winter

As I sit freezing in the library or my room, I am beginning to stress over finals. Though it’s only a measly 2 classes, there’s so much to learn and absorb! Genetics, cell biology, cell signaling, and… ANATOMY!!!

Okay, so last week, I felt accomplished after taking my embryology exam and finishing the last of my biochemistry papers. I was cramming in 500+ slides of embryology questions up until I walked into the computer lab to take the computerized exam. The exam itself was only 30 questions, like a pinch compared to the stabs of 500+ embryology Q-bank, so I finished in 15 minutes and felt like, “That’s it?” Well, memorizing the questions and answers for embryology paid off, since I had mostly old questions. “Concerning… embryology, game over.” Then I finished the last essay for biochemistry on cytochrome P450 and the interaction of drugs with grapefruit juice. It was not as interesting as writing about BOTOX, 40+ muscles of facial expression (anatomy correlation!), and happy kids with Williams’ syndrome.

And now, it’s crunch time. Well, every day is like crunch time. I need to stay motivated, an active catalyst to get me over the initial energy barrier. Then, the exothermal reaction that ensues will be the energy boost necessary to fuel my cognitive capacity. I also need to stay awake and stop sleeping so much. It certainly does not help that I’m feeling stuffy and sniffly, with mucous invading my maxillary sinus and ethmoidal air cells. I’m hoping my T-lymphocytes are patrolling my bloodstream like they should =(

Back to the limbs. There’s so many muscles, tendons, and circulatory branches, just in the hand and foot!!! So much to absorb still…


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