Rebels Without a Cause: Has Drama Become Reality?

Breaking news… North Korea attacks South Korea?! Sounds like the Korean drama IRIS 아이리스 (KBS) is not too far off the mark from a futuristic happening.

When my sister told me about her trip the DMZ (demilitarized zone) between the two polar countries, she mentioned how stringent the rules were and how dangerous visitation is in that area. She had to sign a release paper that basically said that if she crossed the border, she may never come back. If she dares to look or talk to the NK soldiers, she could be shot. Tell me how morbid a little visit to the mountainous border could be.

Well at one point, she told me that her group of American exchange students was such a marvel, that they became a spectacle to see. That is, the NK soldiers came out of their hiding in their isolated offices to stare at them awkwardly and take pictures. When a group of Japanese tourists came afterwards, NK soldiers retreated to their caves and didn’t come out again. Weird people.

On a more serious note, North Korea has been in the news. First, the nation has unveiled a secret, expansive nuclear facility for uranium studies to an American scientist, in hopes of increased nuclear development and action. This will be a problem for the Obama administration, as our president has to deal with a nuclear armament violation. And today, Obama probably has another headache. News came out that North Korea fired artillery at a populated South Korea (Yeonpyeong) island. South Korea hurriedly returned fire with their fighter jets, potentially setting off the next biggest confrontation between the two countries since the Korean War. The nation has declared a state of emergency as many netizens were injured, two SK soldiers killed, and homes up in flames. Smoke hovers uncertainly over Yeonpyeong as the nation scrambles and the world hopes for a diplomatic resolution.



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