Harry Potter… almost the end.

California goodness

Friday, I went out with my medical school gang to catch the evening showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 1. Before a climatic movie experience, I ate at Bobby’s Burgers at Smith Haven with some friends. OMG, awesome burgers that taste ever-better when you’re starving after anatomy. I got myself an LA burger this time with a side of beer-battered onion rings: turkey burger, avocado relish, cheese and tomatoes. Funny thing happened at the cash register. My friend Jason was starving, even a comic book couldn’t distract him from the menu of juicy, crunchy burgers. At the register, he was like “Hm, maybe I could get 2 burgers,” as he stared at the menu and rubbed his tummy. Then, the guy at the register said, “Yeah, that happens.” Our other friend Christine was like, “Are they his size?” and the cashier looked up, laughed a little, shook his head “No,” and looked back down. Welcome to America. Thank you Bobby Flay for your Good Burgers.

Now Harry Potter again. This is my childhood coming to a near-close. I may have magna cum laude and a biochemistry degree under my belt. I may be in medical school, but all that does not excuse me from frolicking in my childhood highlights. As I think about it, I grew up with Harry Potter since the 8th grade, reading each installment as it came out. It’s strange to also see myself grow up with the actors, because they do not look like the pip-squeaks in The Sorcerer’s Stone. Wow, they have become spanking good-looking young adults. Look at Daniel Radcliffe’s chiseled body. Emma Watson is a gorgeous lady now, the opposite of Hermione’s character. Plus, she’s got the brains now that she’s at Brown University. And Rupert? He’s gotten manly, but not more handsome.

I’ll be so sad when this phenomenal era comes to a close come July 15, 2011. I’m already sad at the impending end.

All grown up

Looking glamorous

Overall, I thought the movie was good. It’s still not as great as the book and your own imagination, but the special effects and action make the movie experience worthwhile. Especially now the film series is winding down to a grand finale and a Harry-Voldemort showdown is coming up, fans like me get hyped.  And yet, I was surprised by how a PG-13 movie targeted for children and adolescents could get so sexualized. For instance, (this is not a spoiler), when one of the Horcrux was opened, ready to be destroyed, Ron saw his greatest fears. There were the spiders, and then an intense make-out session between Harry and Hermione, naked. Seriously, where in the book did a sex scene exist?? o.O

Just be forewarned, the movie has become more morbid. There’s ever-present danger, more Avada Kedavras, and dementors’ “Kiss of Death.” There are characters going “Adios.” Nagini makes his hissy appearance around the corner. And the tale of the Deathly Hallows leaves you glooming and wondering what’s Voldemort’s plan and Harry’s fate.

Either way, I did not want the movie to end when the scene of an omnipotent Voldemort makes his evil laugh as he holds the Elder wand. Now Harry’s mission against Voldemort lingers and becomes ever more pressing. I got the chills, and I just want to sit there for another 2.5 hours for the next installment.

Oh, on a side note, I’ll end on a food short just as I started with burger talk. Did you know how BIG a small soda is at the movies?? Yeah, it’s super-sized to a large the size of my Johnson & Johnson’s 20 fl. oz body lotion. I just wanted to sip on something small, not a gallon of Coke. Just saying, this is the reason why American kids and adults have such big weight issues.


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