Dude, I’ve not been on the Jay Chou radar since his last album Capricorn. That is, until I sat through Harry Potter previews on Friday evening.

So I was watching a preview for The Green Hornet, where [Seth Rogan] plays superhero next to a martial arts expert. I noticed an Asian dude speaking broken English and doing wild and cool tricks with the white boy. A minute into the preview, my brain clicked… HOLY SHIZZLE, THAT’S JAY CHOU!!!!!!!!!!! I HEART THIS DEMI-GOD OF TAIWAN.

Seriously, I love Jay Chou. Here’s my compilation of the reasons why I have such a crush on Jay Chou.

  • I have over 150+ songs by this guy in my iTunes.
  • I am steamrolling through my Jay Chou epic collection as I pump through this blog.
  • Some of my favorite songs. It may be exhaustive, but it’s a small selection out of my playlists: 簡單愛 (Simple Love), 回到過去 (Return to the Past), 妳聽得到 (You Heard), 七里香 (Orange Jasmine), 夜曲 (Nocturne), 髮如雪 (Hair Like Snow), 珊瑚海 (Coral Sea), 霍元甲 (Huo Yuan Jia), 黃金甲 (Curse of the Golden Flower), 聽媽媽的話 (Listen to Your Mother), 千里之外 (1000 Miles Away), 退後 (Retreat), 心雨 (Heart’s Rain), 彩虹 (Rainbow), 青花瓷 (Blue Porcelain), 蒲公英的約定 (Dandelion’s Promise), 我不配 (I’m Not Worthy), 最長的電影 (The Longest Movie), 給我一首歌的時間 (Give Me a Song’s Time), 稻香 (Rice Patty).
  • I love this MV for 髮如雪 Hair Like Snow.  It’s traditional, romantic, and rather poignant. A beautiful, poetic song matched with a sad story involving fate and love.
  • I also really like his duet with 費玉清 (Fei Yu-Ching), 千里之外 1000 Miles Away. Another sad song involving lovers who cannot be together.
  • Yesterday, I finally downloaded his latest album 跨時代 ERA (2010), released way back in May. But I still like his older songs more (See above).
  • January 2008, my first concert ever @ Mohegan Sun:  I secretly bought $100+ tickets for relatively close seats to Jay Chou’s World Tour, without letting my parents know. I was never surrounded by so many Asian people and Jay Chou fans ever. I documented this holy jihad to Mohegan Sun with my camera. Many pictures and videos were recorded. I had such a blast that I lost my voice; I was singing on top of my lungs and screaming in Mandarin. When you’re in such a large, loud arena, you feel it’s okay to go a little crazy. Thus, my voice paid the price later that day, since it would not stop cracking for a good few days.
  • I’ve watched a few of his other movies, Secret 不能説的秘密 and Kung Fu Dunk. Secret 2 is coming out next year. I recommend Secret, because he directed AND acted in it. It was well-composed and well-presented. 5 stars on my vote.

  • I went all around Chinatown my sophomore year, when I experienced my ‘Asian’ awakening, looking for posters to decorate my room. I stripped off Orlando Bloom, the Olsen Twins, and Andy Roddick, and did a complete makeover. I think I freaked out my roommate Persis a little because of the drastic change; I believe she was just glad I got rid of the Olsen twins staring at her as she slept. I failed to find Lee Hom, but I did get a $5 cardboard with Jay Chou posing rather cooly.

My very Asian dorm room

  • Flash forward 3 years to May 2010. I had to move-out of my residence hall, since I graduated and now home-bound for the summer. I got really upset when my mom made me throw away that poster because there was no room in the car to accommodate a Jay Chou. I bet it must’ve been weird for the cleaners to come in and see an Asian dude staring back behind the kitchen garbage.
  • My friend gave me huge poster of Jay Chou’s Capricorn promotion for Christmas 2008. I have it hanging in my room right now. He has a funky hair bob going on and a leather jacket to show how cool he is.
  • I sing his songs religiously during my favorite Asian activity: Karaoke. I may not completely understand everything that’s emanating from my mouth, but I give the illusion I do just by singing from the heart.
  • I admit, I do not completely understand his mumble jumble, but I appreciate his beautiful lyrics, passionate & soothing piano compositions, and moving melodies. His music helps me relax and enter a blissful world. It’s great for studying and falling asleep too, so I guess that makes life a little unproductive.

Back to the movie and more Jay Chou. I think this could be a beautiful relationship. This movie could potentially be a cheesy repeat of Rush Hour. Jay Chou = the next Jackie Chan, or Bruce Lee? It’s so stereotypical to make the Asian guy the Kung-Fu master in these American movies. White = the new black; Seth as Chris Tucker?  It could happen… I will watch this movie, when it comes out 1.14.10. Maybe this will fare better compared to last time when I promised myself I was going to watch a movie featuring my favorite Asian musicians. That time, it was Wang Lee Hom 王力宏 in Lust, Caution… I was not prepared for the racy, explicit nature of the movie. My eyes burned afterwards >.< It still burns when I think about it. There’s a reason why China banned it from its movie theatres.


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