Today, I tried Step dancing, a pretty ghetto dance style I’ve not envisioned myself trying. It’s almost like beat-boxing, but with your arms and legs slapping and stomping in every direction and on any body part possible.

Well, here’s a little background information about step dancing. Generally, step dancing focuses on footwork. Let’s see, there’s Irish step dancing, tap, dance dance revolution (DDR), and some European step dances. The one that most people will be familiar with here is Stepping, a dance style with roots in Africa. Basically, the body acts as an instrument to play intricate rhythm and beats. The feet can step softly or with emphasis (as in a stomp) in different patterns. The arms and hands almost accessorize, also playing to the beat by moving, slapping, or clapping. Once you get used to the basics, you can add your own personal style and attitude to the composition. Sound like fun? Hell yesssss =)

I also feel like I’m back in orchestra when I used to play the violin, since it’s important to count beats. This may be random, but this whole stepping thing reminds me of beat-boxing, and one of my favorite Asian guys out there is JJ Lin who’s an incredible beat-boxer. He can dance, he has a sexy body, he hits the high notes, he speaks English and he beat-boxes! Here’s a clip of his concert.

Now, I had such a fun time learning and dancing during that hour. I think I still have a little bit of music acuity to pull me through this, in addition to my college years of athleticism and flexibility. I’m going to work hard and practice in my room; that does mean, I’ll be a rather noisy neighbor =P

It’s not STEP exams. It’s not the stapedius muscle in your ears that equilibrates your auditory tube. I am pumped to be part of SB Med STEP-edius, where all the action and excitement will be happening, far away from med school reality =)

Every med student's nightmare

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