Cheers!, Cheese, and Cute-ass Cat

Oh, the creaminess~

This past Wednesday, some friends had a wine and cheese party. After my long run on the treadmill that evening, I deserved some good food and alcohol. I mean, I did feel my calorie-burn completely negated after my sky-high cheese-cracker sandwiches. But seriously, who can resist delectably creamy Brie cheese, cutely-sliced Swiss, and classic American cheddar? Add a dash of wine or casual beer, and you have practically made a French gourmet snack! The wave of deep red wine blends so well with the chewy cheese on the palate. Cheese is amazing, except maybe Gorgonzola with its moldy green spots and band-aid taste… By far, the strangest cheese encounter I’ve had. Since when can we eat mold?

Look at that tsunami waiting to attack the palate

Appetizing anymore?

Here's the real party

Fine dining

And guess who was the superstar of the night… our friends’ baby cat Scurveee =) I’m more a dog fan, but this cat was just too small and cute. We all could not resist cuddling, tickling, and cooing at the kitten. There were the big, sparkling eyes, the soft feline purr of annoyance at so many grabbing hands, and the growing ferociousness as he pawed and bit. At one point, we were feeding him some cheese? Mice eat cheese, but do cats by default?

Look at those cuddly eyes

Getting cozy~

The lion sleeps tonight


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