Skinny Jeans- It’s a whole new world

Today, I went to the mall with my friend after classes. We’ve been itching to go to the mall since last week, but luck wasn’t on our side for the longest time. Basically, I’ve come to the conclusion that Stony Brook sucks. The transit comes once an hour, which is rather infrequent and inconvenient. Last week after the gym, we waited at the bus stop for the longest time, expecting the bus at 8:30 pm, but it never showed. Our plan B then was to go to Waldbaums to buy groceries.

This weekend, again, luck failed us. Who knew the SBU bus run doesn’t go to the mall on Sundays? On top of that, the regular bus transit doesn’t run on Sundays! Aargh, life will never be the same as Manhattan, where at least places are within walking distance and life is still hustling and bustling.

Well today, we managed to catch the bus to the mall, and it was an amazing field trip. After grabbing some food (well, I had some ice cream and felt like a fat ass), we hit the stores. I bought a cute, pink, and stylish hat from H&M and pretty blue flats from Aldo, while my friend bought some nice shirts and hip fedora hat. We also stopped at Express, and I tried on this white sweater tunic I’ve been eyeing since last year. It’s got an expensive price tag, so I’ll wait for the next coupon to come out so I can get a good discount.

Now I got a new pair of flats to match my new style. Flashback 2 years, I got into leggings and boots. Flashforward to the present, I think I’m more in shape to try skinny jeans. I bought a black pair last week at Kohl’s, and I wanted to start matching with flats. Today, I got back my tailored pants and I tried on my brand new flats, and I LOVE THIS NEW LOOK. So comfortable, so stylish, and so casual. So happy =)


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