Purple = Passionate color

I’m studying embryology for my anatomy course. In the video lectures we have to sift through and attempt to stay awake throughout, my professor explained why he colors the gonads purple all the time. I’d like to quote what my professor said regarding fertilization and the miracle of life:

Plushy Ovary

“Guys don’t feel bad, we don’t play a major role in this process, and the role that we do play is becoming increasingly unnecessary… Near the openings of the uterine tubes are these purple things, indicated here as ovaries. I like to draw all gonads, be they ovaries or testes, in purple, because purple is indeed a very passionate color.”

Interesting, speaking that I graduated from a university that paraded around as the “Fighting Violets.” I cannot look at my purple college souvenirs the same way again, because I’ll just think of my ovaries and, uh, sex. Thanks Dr. Stern, thanks for the eye-opening lecture.

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