Head and Neck

What a brutal dissection these few weeks. We’re finishing up on head and neck in anatomy, and boy is it brutal. It takes a chisel and hammer to get the job done. The other day, the head was disarticulated, so our cadaver looks decapitated. His head hangs loosely like a puppet’s, and that’s freaky.

Today, we had to bisect the head, to take a better look at the nasal cavity. This required the use of blunt sawing, like in middle school woodshop class. I felt like a carpenter sawing the cranium and cleaning the bone fragments that looked more like wood shavings. Wow, now I feel like I learned so much about the nasal sinuses, cartilages, and pharynx. As one of the professors said today, “You can say you’ve picked a nose from the back!” Plus, who knew the tongue is so HUGE?  Learning so much, yet breaking so many bones!


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