A Wacky Wednesday

Today was PJ day at Stony Brook Med. I rolled out of bed, studied the day’s dissection, then strolled into class in my PJs. Except, my PJs are more like workout clothes: a T-shirt and yoga pants.

I did end up at the gym with my girlfriends, like a gym date. We went on the treadmill for 30 minutes, gossiping over girl stuff. It was a relaxing break from medical school and all the embryology I need to catch up on. We ate at the school cafeteria, daring to try the veggie burger, which was delectable!

Then, we went to celebrate a friend’s birthday at John Harvard’s, where we just dished on a brownie sundae. Oh, heavenly~ Minus the fact that we still stunk from the smell of gym and anatomy lab (we covered up with Victoria Secret’s Love Spell), we had a good time, as always =) Now that midterms are over, we’re all less stressed and more inclined to have fun and enjoy life. Or at least my friends and I are…


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