Midterm Madness… Over.

I finished up my Anatomy lab practical today at 4 pm. Last night, I planned to take a nap and wake up to study… did not happen. I missed the alarm and slept until 8am. I woke up, “Freak!! I have 6 hours to cram in the back, thorax, abdomen, pelvic, and head/neck!!!” So I began my journey through the human body.

It was depressing and crazy, sitting in my room studying for almost 5 hours straight, memorizing relationships and structures. I was flipping from my pictures to Grant’s pictures to online dissected structures. It was pure madness on my desk.

See, for the written exam, it was all pure memorization of questions and answers. This practical though, is not predictable. There’s high yield structures, but the human body is rather complicated and variable. There’s really no way to prepare but to attend practice pinnings and look at the bodies.

During the practical, we had a minute at each station. But a minute was insufficient at some harder, more ambiguous structures. My nose was hovering so close over the cadavers that I could tip right onto the body. And still, I could not figure out structures or I just was not confident… I just hope I pass, that’s all I’m asking for right now.

After the exam, my friends and I just indulged on good, old Starbucks. I ate a rice krispies treat and cinnamon dolce latte, my usual favorite combination. Even then, we could not help but talk more about the exam. Oh well, what’s done is done. Before I get cracking on my first biochemistry paper and embryology, I’ll have a little fun to reward myself.


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